Please tell me about Grandeur!



Oh my gosh.....that painting at Pepe's! I'd never get my youngest son to stop laughing!! Might not ever get my oldest son out of the restaurant. It looks fun and funky! Thanks.


Did everyone but me know that the Grandeur is NOT stopping in Key West on the 9 nights this summer? It still shows on the actual RCI website that is a Key West stop, and it will even allow me to book shore excursions for Key West, but my TA sent information from RCI dated last January that they would not be going to KW. Weird, huh?


The Port of Key West calendar still has Grandeur listed. She is docking at Pier B, which is the next to the Mallory Square pier. Here is a link the calendar

I am thinking Key West was restored after January. Perhaps that confirmation has the old information. My TA confirmed just recently that the stop was added back.

If you are still getting conflicting information, please respond and I will call my TA again. Good luck. I think a short KW stop is better than none. :)


Yes, Grandeur is scheduled for August 9th (Dock states 6am - 2pm but maybe that is some overlap.) She will be docking at Pier B.

Here is the link to the schedule:

If you go to the Web Cam (pick Mallory Square Cam) you can see Pier B is on the left side of the frame. The dock in the foreground is Mallory Square dock. Tomorrow (5/10), the Empress of the Seas will be docked in the morning til 2pm. Then Rhapsody will dock from 3:45 on. This will give you an idea of where the ship docks in relation to Mallory Square.

My sister and brother in law are sailing in July. I will definitely post any feedback they provide while they are in Key West. Take care.



For those on the Grandeur 9 day itinerary from Baltimore, it appears RCI has expanded the Key West excursion offerings. About a week ago there were only three listed. I just checked the online excursion booking and found these:

Conch Train/Old Town Trolley Tour
Approximate Duration: 1 Hour 22.00 11.00

Fury Catamaran Reef Snorkeling
Approximate Duration: 3 Hours 44.00 24.00

Lloyd's Original Tropical Bike Tour
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes 39.00 39.00

Key West Nature Kayaking Tour
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes 44.00 44.00

Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum
Approximate Duration: At Your Leisure 10.00 5.00

World Class Light Tackle Fishing
Approximate Duration: 3 Hours 30 Minutes 139.00 139.00

Key West Homes & Gardens Tour
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 34.00 34.00

Key West Cup Regatta
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes 74.00 74.00

Museum of Art & History at the Custom House
Approximate Duration: At Your Leisure 7.00 5.00

Conch Train/Trolley, Aquarium & Shipwreck Historium
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes 46.00 25.00

Scuba Dive With Equipment
Approximate Duration: 4 Hours 15 Minutes 80.00 80.00

Key West Crazy Boat
Approximate Duration: 45 Minutes 39.00 39.00

Scuba Dive Without Equipment
Approximate Duration: 4 Hours 15 Minutes 75.00 75.00

Liberty Sailing Adventure & Harbor Tour
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 46.00 38.00

Self Guided Historic Homes Tour
Approximate Duration: At Your Leisure 19.00 19.00

Wildlife Rescue Center of the Florida Keys
Approximate Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes 24.00 24.00

Snuba of Key West
Approximate Duration: 3 Hours 98.00 78.00

Ghosts & Legends of Key West
Approximate Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes 19.00 14.00

The Big 3: Snorkel, Kayak & Dolphins
Approximate Duration: 4 Hours 89.00 89.00

Boat & Kayak Eco-Adventure
Approximate Duration: 3 Hours 62.00 62.00

Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Approximate Duration: At Your Leisure 15.00 12.00

Key West Pub Crawl
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 40 Minutes 42.00 42.00

Key West Parasailing
Approximate Duration: 1 Hour 79.00 79.00

Butterfly Farm & Key West Aquarium
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes 29.00 18.00

Hemingway House & History Tour
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 34.00 28.00

Pirate Soul Museum & Shipwreck Historeum
Approximate Duration: 2 Hours 27.00 14.00

(first price is adults, second price children)

Have fun in the Conch Republic!


Thank you so much for alerting me to the update!! What a difference a day makes! We had a hard time narrowing it down, but ended up picking the Fury Catamaran & Reef Snorkel. We'll have time for Pepe's in the morning, then that, then race to the southernmost point for a picture(I think...will I?) then back on the ship for a late lunch as we sail away. Does that sound like it will work?



I think that sounds do-able, assuming you dock on time. Most ships dock on time.

Since your excursion starts at 9:30, you should have plenty of time to catch an early breakfast at Pepe's.

When you disembark you should be at Dock B which is a short walk over from Mallory Square. Walk towards Duvall St and go south on Duvall to Caroline St (make a left on Caroline if walking south)
You should pass Ann, Simonton, Elizabeth, Peacon Lane. Pepe's is near William St.

You can use this interactive map:

Here is what Pepe's looks like:

I have not walked from Mallory Square to Pepe's to time it but it really should only be a few minutes. ( I have always stayed on Fleming St and came from the opposite direction. )

I think you will enjoy the catamaran and snorkeling. One thing to keep in mind --and it has happened to me personally--- is that it can get a little rough out on the ocean by KW. We are not talking Gilligan's Island opening credits "The weather started getting rough" size waves or the one that hit the Norwegian Dawn...LOL...but enough that a FULL breakfast at Pepe's could end up feeding the fish, if you know what I mean. LOL. You might want to eat a bit lighter. If the weather is too rough, they will call it off. I was on a scuba and snorkel trip with a bunch of rough and tough New York City divers and it got really choppy.....even they complained. The captain ended up taking us back because of the various shades of green we were turning! LOL. (It was at that time I learned that perhaps only ONE donut is the way to go before a snorkel trip. ) I digress. Now my last trip (snorkel only) was smooth as glass. It was like being in a swimming pool.

The Southern Most marker is at the other end of Duvall. Consider some form of taxi (electric scooter, bike taxi, conventional auto taxi, etc) if there is a time squeeze. It is about two miles from Mallory Square. The marker is on the above map, just scroll the view finder to the south. If time is too short, you can at least get a photo in front of Sloppy Joes or in front of the ship or some landmark closer to Mallory Square.

On another note, I did a test drive to find the Dundalk Marine Terminal and had no problems finding the ship. It was extremely helpful that the Grandeur could be seen from I-95 before the Fort McHenry Tunnel. As you wind along and you pass the "visitors entrance" (there are small Cruise Ship terminal directional signs), there was a Port Police car and officer right at the entrance. His lights were flashing to let you know you were there.) It is an industrial section of town. Traffic along this area is usally not crazy since many of the trucks go slowly along there. Here is a link to the directions:

Let me know if you have questions about getting there. When I drop off family members in July, I can give you some more information.

It sounds like a great stop in KW! Enjoy!