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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by cajun, May 17, 2004.

  1. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    I have never had anything quite like what we were served on any cruise I have been on. Our first cruise was on NCL, and although the food and presentation was wonderful, I can't compare it to The Point. This was 5 star restaurant all the way.
  2. tjevans

    tjevans Guest

    I heard nothing but rave reviews about the Pointe. Then, I dined there, and was sorely disappointed.

    My problems:

    I tried the wine the sommelier recommended. It tasted like rubbing alcohol to me.

    The only appetizer I could eat (due to allergies) was the French onion soup. I don't like French onion soup, so that meant no appetizer for me. (Most of the appetizers contained seafood, which is what I'm allergic to).

    I ordered blue cheese dressing on my salad. It tasted and resembled nothing like any blue cheese I've ever had. It was like oil & vinegar with crumbs of blue cheese.

    The steak (the porterhouse) was completely tasteless. My wife thought her filet was tasteless, too.

    Since arriving back from my cruise, I've heard from many people over on cruise critic that didn't like the pointe. Personally, I've had better steak at Waffle House.
  3. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Sounds like you had a wonderful meal there. :grin
  4. tjevans

    tjevans Guest

    Well, eventually there's not going to be a good meal there. I guess I was just one of the unlucky few.

    I also attribute it to my "unsophisticated" tastes.

    To me, Cracker Barrell is a fancy restaurant.
  5. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    Mike Sur hit it right. What Carnival is trying to do with the Pointe and the specialty coffee shop is to include everyone (all tastes) under one umbrella --theirs. And of course, I don't know if the other cruise lines are taking the hint (from Carnival's success).


    CONQUEST on June 20

    tick tick tick tick tick..........
  6. JudyKa

    JudyKa Guest

    Sigh......my hubby is shying away from the Point since he's heard that it takes almost 3 hours to complete your meal there.....I see most of the people on here are saying that the experience lasts about 2 hours? This could be one difference that I could convince him on trying it hopefully. I can kind of understand my hubby's thinking though......I would probably get tired of sitting there for 3 hours even though I'm sure it's a wonderful experience.

    It seems that most experienced Conquest cruisers on here have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Conquest - 6/6/04.........and counting................
  7. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    Belizemama, Back in the early 90's we went on 2 cruises on the Celebrity line from NYC to Bermuda. Living in New York City, we were accustomed to every level of restaurant fare.
    We'd eaten in some of the finest restaurants in the world. And I distinctly remember being blown away by the food we were served on the ship. I remember thinking that it was better than any restaurant we'd ever been to. It was absolute gourmet in every way.
    Times change and apparently they couldn't keep that level of quality and still offer reasonable fares.

    A year ago, soon after we moved to the small town of Spring Hill Florida, I was watching the food channel and a commercial for a local restaurant was aired. My eyes widened as I viewed the plates they showed in the commercial. Spring Hill is like the "Chain Restaurant" capital of the world.... a FAR cry from what we had available to us in NYC.
    We decided to try this place called Nouvelle Cuisine. It was a small French Belgium restaurant tucked away in a little strip mall. I'd passed it dozens of times and never even saw it.

    WELL.... let me tell you!!! During the meal, I got flashbacks to the cruises to Bermuda.
    I said to Suz, "THIS is like the food we had on Celebrity!" I had the opportunity to meet the chef and after much praise, I had to ask him what he was doing in Spring Hill... this was something I would expect to find in NYC or Paris. His answer was brilliant and somewhat of a wakeup call. He said, "I love my craft and I love my customers. The small scale that I deal with here allows me to continue loving my craft and my customers"
    I'll never forget those words.... It was like... take time to smell the roses. I admire him.
  8. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    Where is Springhill? I live in the panhandle in Pensacola. This is one I have not heard of.
    Wish it was close enough. I would love to try your restaurant there. sounds divine. You never know about those "hole-in-the-wall" places do you?
  9. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    Spring Hill is approximately 40 miles north of Tampa on the Gulf Coast.
    New Port Richey is also close by about 20 miles south of us.
  10. Eddie Jo

    Eddie Jo Guest

    I am glad you mentioned Cracker Barrell! That is our normal type of dining out! My husband and I also dined at the Point on the
    Wednesday night of our cruise. The fomality was a little intimidating . Our server had a very strong accent and after she left our table the first time," my husband looked at me and asked" Did you get any of that?" Our food was excellent and beautifully presented. We don't regret our meal there ,but probably won't do it again. The dining room was formal enough for us!

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