Police Say Man Fed Cats to His Pit Bulls



Nieciez, I read about that in the Atlanta paper and that is really horrific. Some friends and neighbors are saying that it couldn't be him because he is just too nice. Goes to show that you can't really know someone when you think you do. The also found alot of pot in his house.

What is happening to people these days?


Gross! Didn't even bother to open the link since that kind of news really disgusts me. I agree with Denise on the appropriate punishment.


A small amount of pot I'm not so worried about. A couple of pounds of pot is definately not for personal use, but still, not the most horrible thing in the world. But feeding cats, live or otherwise, to his dog is right up there on my list of HORRIBLE THINGS. I see no redeeming value in this kind of person. I would not want a lion to eat him, I like lions. Maybe feed him to his pit bull. (I like pits too, Kiefer is 1/2 pit bull. He slobbers all over our cats, but would never hurt them.)


That is pretty disgusting. Pitbulls are outlawed in my community and are considered a dangerous breed. Some nearby ones require owners to have a special license for them - even if it's a mixed breed.


NOt only is this sick.........you have to be really sick in the head to do these things. People who abuse animals have the propensity to move on to humans next according to experts.


I agree Denise.....or at the very least thrown in the same cell as VICK!!! This is just horrible to read about.


Was helping at the local shelter 1 day a couple of yrs ago when a man came in looking for a cat; said he wanted a younger 1 that would be a real little spit fire! He grabbed 1 young cat by the back of its neck & shook it really hard to see how the cat would react. He was not allowed to adopt the cat. The shelter workers said that these people come in looking for feisty cats to use in training their pits to fight. It is so unfortunate that pits get such a bad wrap as being dangerous animals; they are dangerous when they've been trained to fight but pits in the hands of caring, loving, responsible pet owners are very smart & very loving pets. Until I started helping at the shelter I was 1 of those afraid of pits because of their reputation but my fear soon went away when I started working around them. Unfortunately, most of the pits brought into the shelter are euthanized because in most instances there is no way of knowing if they've been trained to fight but they do try to adopt out or send to a rescue unit the younger pups.