Poll: how many actaully wear a tux on a 7day cruise?



My DH totally enjoyed buying his Tux three years ago when he treated me to a cruise on the Princess Grand for my birthday. He has worn it seven times since and will wear it again in six weeks when we celebrate his birthday on the VOS. HE dresses GQ, he dresses casual, in other words, he dresses well and he always feels great in whatever he chooses to wear. You do the same. Just enjoy ... We will...


Yes......Both nights ~~!!~~ <img src=http://www.addis-welt.de/smilie/smilie/mix/unsortiert002.gif>


I always wear a tux on the formal nights!~ Taking my two kids next month and the son and I will wear the tux.. Makes a great Chrsitmas card, the entire family in formal wear!:AL:USA


It's up to you. Personally, I did not feel like dressing up. I do that enough at home, so I felt no need to do so on vacation! But, some people enjoy it, so do whatever you feel like. I brought a sport coat and wore that one of the nights. Then I just wore slacks and a button down shirt the other formal night. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.


For me, I don't own a suit and the only time I need to dress up is on the cruise so we rented a tux on our cruise. It fit well and I enjoyed dressing up.


I always wear a tux or dinner jacket. The best thing about the night is I get to hang out with Deb in one of those slinky formals. I love watching the looks she gets from other women.

I really don’t care what anyone else has on. We enjoy dressing up for the evening. And the pictures come out so nice.

I just don’t understand the guys are more comfortable in a dark suit than a tuxedo. They’re the same. The tux is just a suit with a vest.

I found this on another board a while back. . .

Tuxedo jacket is uncomfortable.
It must be those satin lapels.

Tuxedo pants are uncomfortable.
Must be that satin stripe down the leg.

Bow ties are hard to tie.
That little hook can be a challenge.

Cumberbunds are uncomfortable.
Wear a vest just like that 3-piece in your closet you wear for board meetings.

Cufflinks and shirt studs are difficult to use.
Think of it as a test of your eye-hand coordination and dexterity.

I feel like I look like a penguin.
That’s because you’ve never dressed up before.
Relax; it’s just a suit with a bow tie.

I’ll look silly to my friends in the pictures.
Well, no you won’t.

My wife will want me to do it again next time.


I really enjoy dressing up for the formal evenings and have worn both a tuxedo on some cruises and a suit on others. I certainly prefer the tuxedo! The only reason I would go for the suit is that I am feeling cheap and I am saving the $100 is costs to rent one. Actually, when I rent a tuxedo, I wear it as much as possible! It's really convenient, comfortable, and has always worked out well.

For the folks who say "I'm on vacation, I'm dressing casually", that's okay. I always dress casually when I'm not on vacation. On the other hand, I say "I'm on vacation, wow, I get to experience not one, but two formal evenings and have a lot of fun with it!"

As far as the dress code, it is out of respect to the fellow passengers, crew, and staff that you follow dress codes. The cruise lines have listened to those who aren't interested in formal events, however, by providing alternative dining venues.


Roy likes to rent a tux - that way he has less to pack. He doesn't dress up for work - the cruise is a special occasion for us, so it's the right time to go all out. And he looks fabulous in his tux!





Three years ago I spent just around $300 on a tuxedo and have worn it numerous times on cruises as well as three times at charity events (where I would have worn a suit prior). If you cruise and enjoy the tux, it is a great investment.


I always wear a tux on formal nights. It's nice to dress up and nice everyone else dressed up once in a while. I'm not a snob in fact I'm a nudist.


My husband does not own a tux. He brings his navy suit and fit in with the majority of the passengers on the Voyager of the Seas on the May 18, 2003 sailing. Most men wore dark suits, a few in tuxedos.


Ido i own mine got it on e-bay real cheap but nice tux was a rental but in great shape.
They have a ton og them on e-bay check it out... Like to dress up go for it


I did first cruise. Probably won't ever again.

Our group of 23 and growing chooses to do what they are most comfortable with. Some do..others of us do not.

It's your money..your cruise..

If you like to gussy up...then do it.

If less formal is your comfort level...go for it.

As long as your don't impose on other folks in whatever you do....take it up or down to the level that you want.


Actually this cruise I might wear a tux for the first formal night. My wife and daughter each are wearing long gowns so a tux will be more appropriate. The second formal night I'll wear a suit.


My guy does NOT wear a tux. He wears a jacket and tie. It hasn't been in our budget to go out and buy a tux, so wear what's comfortable for you, but do wear something dressy.

I personally think the Caribbean cruises are a bit more casual, so a tux is not the norm. I do, however, think other gentlemen look dashing in theirs. Once again, personal choice.


Re: Poll: how many actually wear a tux on a 7day cruise?

I guess that for the most part this thread has been civil. One passive agressive reference to "snobs".

As for me, I only cruised once before. I didn't own a tux and overspent on the cruise, so renting one was out of the question. Besides, I owned 21 business suits, 17 of which were dark. Packing one of them along with 2 white shirts and two ties seemed fine.

Both of the gentlemen at my table wore a Tux. Despite the fact that my suit was stylish, better and cost much more than either's tux, I felt dissapointed in myself.

8 years later, I own a tux. An internet purchase of a Bill Blass Super 120 that cost me just less than $300 all in (cost, shipping, tailored, and assessorized) made sense when you figure at least 2x a year usage for some charity event or other and rentals being $100+.

When I cruise in Nov. I will wear the tux. My wife will wear a gown. Since I'm not a maitre 'd and my wife isn't a letter turner on "Wheel of Fortune" we will NOT be wearing our work clothes. We'll look good and feel good. If that isn't a key componant of a vacation, I don't know what is.


On 06/08/03 Voyager there was approx 1/4 of the people in a Tux not Required but they looked nice. Think it is time to buy one . Why not look good and feel great.


I will not be wearing a tux on the voyager of the seas in Feb, 2004. But to each his own. If I had a tux or some extra money lying around, I would probaly wear one, but I am on a tight budget.


I bought my tux after renting one for our 2nd cruise. I wear it for both formal nights. Judy & I get dressed up to please each other, and really don't care what other folks are doing or thinking.
And it's definately not a snob thing here, as we are very (trucker & nurse) middle-class. It just feels good to look good.