Poll: how many actaully wear a tux on a 7day cruise?




In keeping with the tradition of the Elite Cruiseliners of the past (where only the rich & famous had the priviledge to travel) there is a night or two to feel "Ritzy". Unfortunately in our busy rush rush society dressing up (even Corporate dressing) is a thing of the past.

Formal nights are a chance to finally wear that gorgeous evening gown that's been hanging in your closet over time due to no occasion warranting it's appeal. Bottomline it's an excuse to dress up. I love it. But my husband hates it. So I wear my formal gown I've been dying to wear all year and my husband wears a dark suit so he can eat in comfort and enjoy his meal and the company of others at our table. As much as I hate to admit it the average man will not experience this comfort when wearing a Tux.

Like a previous response, I would love my husband to wear a tux (and our 20 yr old son) but until they make them to Stretch and give under pressure they will wear a suit.

Remember the majority of your dinner you're seen from the waist up. Our son wore a black loose fitting suit with some black & white Converse Tennis Shoes "Chucks". I was terrified to see how he'd look. He actually didn't look bad. Everyone thought he was making a new fashion statement. Everyone was happy

So Improvise and Enjoy your dinner and your cruise!


My husband always wears his tux and I wear a gown. It all started on our first cruise, Mark brought the tux that he wore in our wedding, and since then he's bought another. Good thing, as our first cruise was HAL and just about every male on the ship was in a tux, very few suits. Much older clientel though. What makes me mad is that my husband wears the same size tux that he was married in and I definitely do NOT wear the same size gown, LOL. Oh well, we look sharp, have a good time, and that's all that counts. No one will look down on you in a suit, it's personal choice nowadays.


Waliking around UConn in the slush & mud for 8 months a year in jeans & other typical college clothes makes me really excited to dress up on vacations! And even for work in the summer...=)