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This BB is definitely my HOME!!

I do check in at Cruise Critics; more or less to find out a specific answer since their bulletin boards are sub divided according to cruise lines.

Cruise Mates has a bulletin board that takes me 2 seconds to read. Not much posting their.

Cruise2 doesn't have much action either.

Here at Cruise@ddicts I get 99.9% of all the information I need and the other posters are very familiar to me. When I return from this cruise will already start asking about the next!!



Re: A Newbie's Perspective/ Cruise BB Review

Well I'm pretty much a newbie only having been checking out this board for a few weeks. I'm not really a lurker, I prefer to be a poster. So I post and I chat and why not? You learn a lot and meet nice people that way.

Anyway as a newbie I think I can offer an unbiased opinion regarding a few of the various bulletin board sites (yes I've read some and even posted on some) so for what it is worth here goes and I'll try to be brief though I lean toward the verbose. Ok I realize its a round about answer to the question but.....

I'll be honest, I found Cruisemates first (about a week earlier) and posted there. Its a nice enough site and I received replies to my post but it just seemed to me that many the replies on that site were primarily done by the same 10 or so people. It seemed like replies on that site were fine in quality, but lacking in quantity. Also the fact that you can't just scroll down and view the entire thread takes longer. I think that site is also a "community", but perhaps a smaller and even more tight knit one. CONCLUSION: Papa Bear's porridge is too hot.

I then found Cruise Critic and wow what a difference. There was SOOOOO much information, so many forums but I couldn't possible look at them all. Its a good source of information if you know what you are looking for but with so many posts it just seemed to me that knowledgable veteran cruisers couldn't get to them all. Volume overload and if you have a two part question you may end up having to break it up into separate questions to fit the appropriate forums. But a few nice features of this site are 1) you must register to post (this would seem to help with trolls, duplicate names etc), 2) when you log in it says who is presently on the site and how many guests, 3) those light bulbs tell you if there are new posts. CONCLUSION: Mama Bear's porridge is too cold.

I next found Cruise Addicts and I've stopped looking (with the exception of checking out the hilarious jokesters at Fodors). This is a fabulous community that is extremely welcoming to new comers which is so nice. The information I have received from the people on these boards has been fantastic. People here are knowledgable, informative, courteous, and its so obvious from the many OT posts and chat that they really do care about their fellow @ddicts. Thic community is large enough to provide some variety but small enough to still be able to get to know people. CONCLUSION: Baby Bear's porridge is JUST RIGHT.

Yesterday I got turned on to visiting Fodors but they don't serve porridge on Mars! Peeing freely however is permitted.

I don't know who set up this site and can only imagine that it requires much work, but thank you, and thank you to the kind and considerate @ddicts who post here and generously take the time to give out their advice.


This is absolutely home. This message board is set as my home page. I do 99% of my posting on this board. I spend most of my time on the internet at this website.

I also read Cruise Mates, but it's not very active so I don't spend much time there (maybe 1 minute a day, total). I've posted maybe two times on Cruise Mates.

I also check on Cruise Critic (I tend to peek at 2-3 topic specific boards over there). I post there occasionally (maybe once a month).

Without a doubt, this is the best cruise and/or community board on the web. I feel "safe" here and I feel like I know so many of you even though we've never met.

Keep up the good work, John!

Marti (abykatz)

I'm still pretty much a "newbie" - but like to consider this my home.
I check the messages as soon as I get to work, and check back
during lunch and then again during the evening. Guess I'm still a lurker as
I'm still learning about cruising. Just know I love it, totally addicted to it and
hope there is no cure.

As for the other boards - occasionally I check them, but when we were planning that first cruise back in April and we nervous, anxious, excited, etc...., this is where I found the
most information and some comfort level when our thoughts turned to "WHAT HAVE
WE DONE TO OURSELVES!!!!!. Anyway, thank you all for such a wonderful


Good poll John....I would consider cruise@ddicts my home. When we book a cruise I will visit other boards to just get some info but the best info does come from here. Have found that people will really try to help you out. I agree with others that have said there should be no rivalry between boards...that is such a childish thing. Some other boards are just rude...never answer your posts or make you feel that you have "intruded" in some way. I really enjoy coming here and am surprised by the fact that it's such a "family"


I started reading another cruise board, but found my way here via comments on that first board! Boy, am I glad I did. I check in with this site almost every day and I try to read as much as I can (there is sooooo much) and post every now and then. I can't remember the last time I read another board. John, this board is great!

Kathy N

This board is #1 with me. An occasional foray to the other boards reinforces my opinion that this is the site that I enjoy the most. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you sincerely for providing us with this friendly, knowledgeable forum.


If you'd asked me this 3 weeks ago, there'd have been no question that CC was "home" - that is changing...

I know I'll continue to use and post at CC, but I love the atmosphere here! This is a special group - a true community rather than just an information source.


I participated on another cruise board - posting a lot (well, at least for me!) I was directed to this board by someone else. I registered right away but lurked until recently. I really like the way almost everyone here expresses their opinions and how they seem to genuinely care about the other people posting. I hadn't been back to the other board for awhile and went for a visit the day before yesterday....the "feel" or "atmosphere" was so different from this board that I left fairly quickly. This is now "home" for me and I find myself checking the board everytime I manage to get online!


I've been to some of the other boards, but this is the one I check first and the one I spend the most time on. It has a "family" feel that is just not there with the others. Cruise @ddicts is the best place to be! Thanks John and everyone else who is so helpful and friendly!


I am not an active poster anywhere, but I read this and cruisecritic all the time, and curisemates occasionally.

This is BY FAR the nicest community on the net, not just limited to cruise boards!


I've only been here a couple of weeks, started over at cruisecritic (my TA sent me there) and I do like the information there, but it's not a "community" like cruise @ddicts.

I do know that I am beginning to feel rather comfortable here. Everyone has been so kind and helpful, and the times I have been in chat have been very enjoyable. I think I will be hanging out here a lot if you all will have me!! :grin


Like others before have stated, it's interesting to jump around to the other sites to see whats going on, but I agree that this site is by far the most informative and friendly of the bunch. I don't post that often, but check into the board at least twice a day to see what everyone is up to. It's almost like each individual's gif or signature has become that persons "identity" to me. Thanks John for your hard work in making this an enjoyable site.

Lady Jag(Bobbie)

This is home. I feel comfortable here after 2 1/2 yrs. I've tried some of the other boards, but they're boring, IMO.


This is home. I don't read the other boards anymore. I recently posted at cruisemates however because I had met some former & present C@'s posters for lunch in Vancouver. I hardly have the time to keep up with our news let alone drop in on others. lol.