Pompeii And Capri in one day. Possible?????



Pompeii And Capri in one day. Possible?????

I cannot seem to decide between Capri and Pompeii/Sorrento, and so I am going to try to do both Sorentto and pompeii.

Has anyone done both in one day and made it back to the ship on time?

Do you know of anyone who has, or of an independent tour operator that offers a tour with both? princess is offering both for 177$ and so I guess it is possible. What I am trying to determine is whether it ispossibly to do both independently on the same day.

Any tips would be most welcome.




We did Pompeii and Sorrento in one day. Took the bus to the train station. The train lets you out right at the gates of Pompeii. Spent the morning there, then got back on the train to Sorrento. We had lunch and wandered around there. We took the hydrofoil back to Naples. The hydrofoil docked in the same area as the ship. If you really wanted to, you could probably also get over to Capri (hydrofoil from Sorrento), but you'd have to cut down on the time in each place. Pompeii was absolutely amazing, and Sorrento was a beautiful town.


We d id this 2 years ago it was a full day but FUN! My sister in law arranged it, over internet with a private tour. Don' t remember who. But we took a boat to Capri, tram up and over to Blue Grotto into a little gondola to get inside , which was amazing color!!
Then on to a different boat, back to mainland connected with a small bus(there were about 10 of us) through Sorrento I think and then on to Pompeii and back to the ship.
It can be done!! I think you might need help coordinating the transport bus.
good luck.


It is really to much to do in one day..my suggestion is first Pompeii, than quick stop in sorrento, then Positano, and then return back to the ship..Sorrento is big and overated..then nicest town in Positano..if you need any help..try www.jandjservicesitaly.com


Yes. We did it last year, Constellation. The train will take you right to Pompii. Spend the morning in Pompii. You can't see it all, but the major sites. Train again to Sorrento, walking tour of town, catch the ferry to Capri. Spend a few hours on the island, and another boat will take you right back to the cruise ship dock. Our timing was good. Try to find the timetables on line. It was fun. Good luck.

elaine B

My husband and I were just reminiscing about the day we took both the QEII tour of Pompeii and independently took the hydrafoil to Capri that afternoon. He was afraid we wouldn't make it back to the ship in time from Capri but we did with time to spare PLUS we stopped at a cafe on the Marina Del Grande on Capri for an espresso and some pasta first! We had taken a local bus up to Anacapri and strolled past San Michele .(Read the book before you go if you can.) I wish we had toured San Michele but it seemed expensive for the little time we would be able to spend there. Though we didn't visit the Blue Grotto just shopping in Anacapri, paricularly sampling the local Limoncello in the cleanest establishment we've ever seen was memorable. It was the highlight of our Mediterranean cruise. Pompeii was incredible of course but we were just enchanted by Capri in Spring.