Poor Kiefer got attacked in the park


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HE'S OK! At least he will be when it's all over.

Just before we left the house for a walk in the park, I made a 5pm appt. at the vets for Kitten, who is showing signs of asthma. Lucky I did that.

As we were walking into the park the neighbor was leaving her house with her dog, who is Kiefer's best friend. They LOVE each other. But something went wrong, and in a few minutes, Mikey (who outweighs Kiefer by 15-20 lbs at probably 70 lbs) was attacking Kiefer.

It took probably less then 1 minute (seemed like 20!) and we had them apart, but it was obvious that Kiefer needed to keep that 5pm appt. Mikey just would not let go of Kiefer's face. We had to carry Kiefer out, taking turns because a 50 lb dog is hard to carry, even though it was only probably 300 feet or so to the road. Blood every where.

Gordon ran up the street, and brought the car down to the park entrance where we were waiting.

Once I got Kiefer into the vets, I started crying. Delayed reaction.

So, they shaved my buddy and cleaned him up. He has three deep punctures on his head, one really bad one on the left side of his face and two behind the ear. But it's his right leg that is really punctured up. He was sent home with a Rimidyl for tonight. He'll go in for tomorrow for a general, so he can have a drain tube put in his leg and head.

He's resting now, but he will not let me leave his sight. I suspect I'll be sleeping on the floor in the living room tonight with him, so he doesn't feel like he has to go down the stairs to our bedroom.

I remember sticking my hand in the other dogs mouth to release Kiefer's ear and now my finger hurts and is black and blue and very swollen. No bite, but it must have taken a pressure hit.

After we got back, and washed the blood out of my car mat and off the leather seat, and out of our clothes, I went across the street to visit Maggie and let her know how Kiefer is doing. She came over and saw him, I know she has been crying. But I did want her to know we don't hate her.

Why did it happen? Who knows? But I guess their days of playing together are over. Kiefer probably won't want to go near him anyway. too bad, they were such good buddies.


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OMG - I'm crying, too, for poor Kiefer. I hope he'll be alright, both physically and emotionally.

Please keep us posted.

Pucci sends his cousin lots of tail wags and woofs, and I send him hugs and scritches.

I feel your pain, too. Pucci was bitten out of the blue about 2 years ago, but nowhere near as severely as poor Kiefer.


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Oh Glo...so sorry to read this...poor Keifer! I hope he has a full recovery. I know he will be looking for sympathy for awhile!

One of our Yorkies was attacked by a German Shepherd a few years back. The vet said the Shepherd missed Skye's carotid artery by about a millimeter. We are very lucky that we still have him.....but he is a real wuss now ..... even though he comes out like he's very agressive he is all "woof" and backs right off if the other dog even looks at him!:biggrin:


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I'm so sorry to hear about Keifer. Please know that my prayers are with him for a speedy recovery. I know that he is glad to have you at his side.


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Thanks everyone. Kiefer is getting lots of hugs and skitches.

Mary Ann, as great a TA you are, you are an even better Aunt. Thanks for the call. I really needed to talk to someone.

Ha ha, Sage, I'll be at his side all night long. DD has a twin size 3" memory foam mattress pad that I'll drag upstairs and throw on the floor and sleep next to my buddy so he doesn't try to limp down the stairs to the bedroom. He's so weak and tired, my heart just feels torn up.


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Oh Glo, that must of been terrifying for you. I am glad Kieffer is on the mend but so sorry he had to go thru all this. I hope he gets well quickly and it doesn't affect him. Zsz Zsa and I both send get well wishes to Kieffer and hugs to you. I would of broke down too.


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The headline had me scared until I read further. Glad to hear Kiefer will be ok. Hope he has a speedy recovery. Be sure to check your finger. Does it need some ice or a heating pad? Those kind of bruises hurt like the dickens.


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The knuckle is swollen and black and blue, so Ice and aspirin might be a good idea. All I can think of him, I guess I need to think of myself too...


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Bandit and Cocoa want to know where that old bully dog is so they can "get" him for hurting their Open House buddy. They think if they can back the Great Dane next door into the garage (and get him to shut up) they can tackle anything. Please tell poor Kiefer to get better soon. Woofs, tail wags, and prayers are headed your way.


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Simon here,

Mom says Cousin Kiefer got mugged. Send the bully over here and we will tell him what we think of that! No one can stand against the three musketeers. Then we will help your comfort poor baby Kiefer. and you too.

Mom also says how sorry she is he got hurt and scared. Keep us informed how he does.


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Sorry to hear this happened.. I can empathize with you Glo...

Our dog Molly was attacked last October by a German shepherd dog. The whole incident lasted only a few seconds but seemed like hours! Still can hear our dog screaming in pain. The son of a bitch, who lives around the corner from us... who decided to let his dog out for a walk without a leash not so much as apologized nor did he offer to pay for Molly's vet bill. That dog has attacked other dogs in the neighborhood and we've reported him to the parks police. Hope they take the dog away soon!

Ever since the attack Molly is very leery when going out for a walk and if she hears the bark of the dog that attacked her she becomes agitated... and it has been 6 months since the attack!

I sincerely hope that Kiefer will be okay soon, but trust me, their personality does change...he will be very cautious when going out for a walk.


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Herb, you hit on one of my biggest fears. I am really scared that he is going to be scared of other dogs, going in the park, etc. I expect some fear, it seems it would be only natural, but I'm hoping that it's only fear of the dog across the street, and not fear of the park. I did mention the W word a few minutes ago and he perked up, and hobbled to the garage door happily. We went across the street (to the undeveloped hillside), and he was very happy, so I have big hopes.


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Oh Glo, I am very sorry to hear about poor Kiefer. Sure hope he doesn't let this incident get him too down. Sounds like there is still some positive since he was willing to go out. Extra tail wags from our fur babies and scritches from us.


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So sorry to hear this. That's my biggest fear with my dogs. Even tho they all get along anything can happen. The peril of having more than one.

Sure hope he's up and back to normal soon. Hugs all around. I know I too would sleep on the floor is need be.

Be sure and take care of that finger also. Make sure there was no puncture wound as they can get infected fast.



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Me and my furbaby (Taz) send our best wishes to Kiefer. I can only imagine what a scary ordeal it was for Kiefer AND you. Hope he mends soon and perks back up to his normal, fun-loving self. And as others have said.....be sure to take care of your finger.