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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by SDB, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. SDB

    SDB Guest

    Any Advice on hotels in the area ? (I'm driving down for a cruise on the Carnival Pride next week) I've heard some will allow you to use their parking and shuttles.

    any nice beaches/attractions in the area?

  2. russell

    russell Guest

    Hi there,

    i cruised on the carnival fantasy, and stayed over in the radisson for the night. its called "Radisson at the port" i booked it thorugh the internet and got it for only $60 per night twin share. there was a trick to that though, i had to enter FALL as the promotion code. i am sure if it still works so its worth a try.
    thay let you park in there lot for free and thay have a shuttle in the morning of your cruise. its a great hotel, free internet in there busines center, and there is a huge swimming pool. its very family orintated so if thats a turn off stay else where. i loved it and would resommend it as i am sure others will !

  3. wwwsjw

    wwwsjw Guest

    Hi, I'm very familar with the area. We own a condo in Cocoa Beach. If you have time, you should Check out the "World Famous" Cocoa Beach Pier. Also, Ron Jon's surf shop. I would highly recommend the Hampton Inn on Cocco Beach, we usually get a good price there when our condo is rented. Also, there is a brand new Marriot next door. I think that the Marriot is a little more expensive. You would have to call or e-mail them to see if they have a shuttle to the port. You could also call a cab, they are cheap down there, and the Port is not very far. Cocco Beach is the next town up from Cape Canaveral. Have Fun!!!!


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