Port Everglades Web Cam This is so cool!


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Re: This is so cool!

Wow its my new fav. web cam! thanks! When I move in a few weeks I am going to get a wall projector and keep this on my wall like a big window. I cant wait.
That's exactly what I was thinking....I have to patch this into the flat screen!

Hey, you could pretend you were looking out a window and that was your view....all you would need is some reggae music and the smell of the ocean :beach:

Let us know how that works out for you with the projection....:boogie:

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Or if it could be a screen-saver on a large TV.. sure beats looking at a dark expanse when they are not "on"

Let us know how it works for you Dusky.. I think I would never move.


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Re: This is so cool!

Don't know what I did wrong. When I clicked on the link all I got was a map and then when I clicked on the arrow to "start the video" (or whatever I did!!) I was kicked off my computer. :doubledown::madd::shrug:DH had to get me up and running again! :huh:
Karry, I'm sorry that this happened to you. I am watching it on my new laptop (hi-def), running Windows 7. So I'm wondering if you could check it on a different computer? I'll look more at the site and see if there are computer requirements to view it??


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Great Picture ..having trouble with NO sound Suggestions anyone ??.

Charles ?? Mac Issue ??
Bob, I'm thinking that the Port Authority controls the on/off on the sound. Because at the bottom where it now says "sound off" is new today. Earlier today, it said "sound on"

This is a brand new set-up, and I think it will take a while to get it all up and running well.

Also, when they have the sound turned on, it is not constant sound...it like listening to a CB radio, just occasionally a communication between the Port and a vessel. I'm sure there are Security issues where they must have the sound turned off at times.

Edited to add....now it says "sound on"...and the view has been changed. They will point it back at the cruise ships later.

Leave your volume on, and eventually you'll hear them communicating.
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Karry, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. If not, download it (if you have a newer computer). Hope that helps...


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This is great, I have two monitors on my desk, but only really need one most of the time, so I have this up and running on the spare! WooHoo, what a view!


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Thanks so much now on Saturday's and Sunday's morning I can watch the various cruise ships come into port.
This morning, around 6:00 AM, it was still dark, and when the Westerdam came in all lit up, it was really something to see.

The ship went right past the camera (very close view) and you could see some passengers out on their balconies. Then when the ship turned, you could see the name (Westerdam) on the back of ship.



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:doubleup:Very nice, Nita. Thank you.:doubleup:

Unfortunately, I cruise out of Miami next month...so I can't wave to this camera. :whistle:
Hi Everyone,

I'm one of the people behind Port Everglades Webcam and Port Fever.

Noticed this thread was sending us a lot of traffic today! :)

A few questions you had...

* No, we are not connected with the Port Authority... we are private citizens with a beautiful view who love ships and love to share.

* We have two audio feeds, VHF Marine radio and a live microphone of background sound. We switch the microphone on when the cruise ships leave so you can hear the horn blasts!

* We actually have two cameras, one we call SDTV for "standard definition" and one we call HDTV for "high definition". There are visitor controls for the SDTV camera available from a link under the HDTV window on PortEvergladesWebcam.com . The HDTV camera is controlled by us and we follow the cruise ships out of port (at a minimum).

* Both sites should work with IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. We test with all four on Windows at least. You do need the Adobe Flash Player installed and generally we use a lot of Javascript too. The SDTV camera controls use Java (which requires a download from java.com: Java + You if you don't already have Java installed).

So glad you are enjoying our live streaming HDTV video. It is relatively new (started in 2011) and we have many new features still to deploy. Port Everglades Webcam has been around since 2006.



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Hey thanks a lot Port Fever.. I allready played with the camera that viewers can move.

Thks for the info and the view. Very enjoyable


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Thanks so much for posting, David

You have answered a lot of questions, and helped a lot.

I was looking at the basic Everglades Web Cam, and somehow ended up finding your web cam. I then brought it here to my friends at Cruise Addicts. I assumed it was a beta version from the Port Authority web cam.....my mistake.

Sure glad you are doing this, and as you see we are Cruise-Addicts here, and appreciate the Hi-Def view of the Port and all the cruise ships!

Really looking forward to new features, too!

(love the "sound" feature)

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome David aka Portfever,

thanks for the great web cam. we will be starring on it with some of the members of this board when we cruise past it on the Cruise addicts Group Cruise on Feb 28th while sailing on the grand princess. We will be sure to fly the cruise addicts flag and do a lot of waving.


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THANK YOU PortFever! ! ! ! And thanks to reggae for finding the link. I was one of those watching the ships leave today. What a GREAT way to spend some time ona boring day at work!


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No problem, Mary Ann...(I have four sisters, and I answer to all of their names too :whistle:)

I am up early, and really enjoying the view this morning...and listening to the radio traffic. All the ships coming are lining up to come in, and hearing the Port give them instructions...interesting....

So far, I've watched two Princess ships come in. Darn, missed the Oasis coming in....

I told my sister about this site, and she called me last night after the Equinox left the port. She said "That was unbelievable! Did you hear the horns?"....so we have another fan :clap:

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