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Port Falmouth beaches questions

I'm going on the allure of the seas and one of its stops is Falmouth Jamaica. I have never been there and was wondering if anyone knows of some good beaches and straw markets. Would like to find something close to the port if possible.
First allow me to preface this by saying I have never been to Jamaica via a cruise ship. However i have been to Jamaica many times for week long stays, and know several people who have went there via Cruise Ship, specifically AOS. I have even been on AOS on its 3rd trip out a couple of years ago.

Jamaica for a Cruise Passenger into Falmouth can be frightening. The port is very primitive, and the locals are extremely aggressive as they prey on Cruise Ship Tourist. They will be lining the fences trying to take you some where, and selling Marijuana. Stay away from them. They will also be waiting outside the secure area waiting for passengers who are not taking ship sponsored excursions.

From what I hear the Cruise Ship will warn you about going it alone on your own. In this case it is not a scare sales tactic. So if you get off the ship, do so on a ship sponsored excursion. With that said even on a ship sponsored excursion any market they take you too will have lot of locals there waiting for you to sell you stuff, and they are very aggressive. One of the worse is Dunn's River Falls which I am certain will be one of your ships excursions. They will be on you as soon as you exit the shuttle. Others are not so bad like Dolphin Cove Heck even the Shuttle Driver might offer you Ganja, but he will not be aggressive about it.

For the beach excursion is OK. What they will do is take you to an AI resort on a day pass. Those are great and no hassle as they are private with great security. You get all you want to eat and drink and a nice beach. Only hassle there is Smoky Joe and Doctor Feel Good walking the water line peddling Ganja to resort guest. Just ignore them and they will leave you alone. If they hassle you, security will get them off your back so they do not push their luck.


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Just got back from Falmouth , Shopping area very secure and new . also took the trolley thru falmouth with no problems , yes they want to sell you something but be polite and say no thanks it works ! Falmouth is run down out side the cruise ship por but can already see rebuilding as ship brings more revenue to area residence , will just take time . There are beach excursions from the cruise port to local beach 10 mins a way .


Falmouth Port is so different from old port in Ocho Rios. Tthey have developed a beautiful new facility-lots of shops(maybe too many Jewlry stores.) have a beautiful new Margaritaville open 1 week. Pool is not done yet. Perfect for the elderly wheel chairs available and other conveyances to move them back to ship. Perfect for scootering all around. Music playing all time.