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Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Conniemc, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Anyone know how long a cab ride it is to cruise terminal from the airport? Anyone know if SF is as bad as San Diego (I'll never sail from that port again - like a bad episode of Keystone Cops)
  2. suer182

    suer182 Guest

    Which airport? SFO or OAK. We did supper shuttle and the ride didnt seem that long from the pier to SFO. Maybe 20 minutes but I dont recall for sure. If you dont get an answer, post your question on the community forum here as a bunch of us sailed out of San Fran in April. Maybe someone might remember the timing. But then again traffic is something to take into consideration too. We might have lucked out as the traffic wasnt that bad.

    Well, SF pier is one MAJOR disorganized cluster, but I would sail out of SF again. I have yet to sail out of SD so I cant compare.
  3. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    I found S Fran's dock to be "old and outdated " and the lines to be similar to Ballantyne in Vancouver. Middle of the road compared to other places I've been. Not good but tolerable.

    We took the train home from Oakland. 20 mins by cab that's all.
  4. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Flying into San Fran International...
    "Out and outdated" doesn't bother me...incompetance does. The check in process and baggage handling at San Diego were unreal. I had to lug my 4 bags across 3 barricades and scream across a 50 foot area for a porter to get them. My bags sat in the rain for 3 hours until I physically left the ship with the Hotel Director and pointed them out to her...when they finally arrived (I am Elite and was in CC Class) - one bag (brand new luggage) was ripped down the entire side. They repaired it well enough...but I found the port wholly disorganized and chaotic compared to the "well run machines" of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

    Anyway, it only looks like a 20 min cab ride on the map...so hopefully my flight will be on time!
  5. Evoni

    Evoni Guest

    I've found it to be more like 45 minutes, but it really depends on the traffic. Are you on the 15 night Infinity 9/29 cruise? About 50 of us or so are signed up for the CC party on that roll call.

  6. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Hey Diana! Yup, I'll be there....you'll find me nightly at the Champagne Bar for happy hour. Why 50 of you? What's the group?

    See ya there!
  7. Evoni

    Evoni Guest

    You can wave across to me because I'll be at the Martini Bar. ;) It's a roll call group on another cruise message board, the majority of us on it didn't know each other until posting there for this cruise but when you sign up for it they have a little get together the day after the ship sails so folks can finally meet in person. :)

  8. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    [size=medium]That sounds like fun! I'll be the only Connie on board, (always am) and they'll know me at the champagne bar. Come say hello and I'll have to come over and meet other cruise fanatics. Can't be Sept 29th soon enuf!!
  9. Evoni

    Evoni Guest

    Hi Connie, I'll see if I can spot you. Our roll call from cruise critics will likely have a get together at Michael's club the day after we sail about 10:30am or so, at least that's when it's usually held if they don't throw us a curve ball this trip. Feel free to pop in and say hi if you notice a group milling around in there that day. We have late seating so we usually hit the Martini bar the hour before.

  10. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Great, I'll try to find you.

    I can't handle late seating anymore....they seem to have much more fun then early seating...but if eat that late, it makes me just want to fall asleep! I hit happy hour at 5pm sharp, and don't stop until very late...on these long cruises, I'm usually the only one in the disco at midnight even!! (the longer the cruise, the older the passengers, etc. etc.)....Maybe some of you guys will be up for later evenings!

    You'll see me heading out AFTER dinner to hit the bar again...

    Thanks for the invite...look forward to meeting you.
  11. Evoni

    Evoni Guest

    Hi Connie, I suspect some in our roll call group will be up for later evenings. We have a mother and her 19 year old daughter on the roll call so I imagine at least the 19 year old will stay up! Some of us enjoy the casino and you will likely spot my DH and I there later on some of the evenings. We always end up with late seating because DH isn't used to eating until around 8:30pm anyway.

    See you soon!

  12. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    I sure hope I DON'T see the 19 year old where I'll be!!
    Disco is 21 and over, as is casino and all bars after 10 or 11pm.

    Looking forward to meeting you!
  13. Evoni

    Evoni Guest

    I don't know the 19 year old in question to know her plans, but she is allowed in those areas, so you might notice her there though I doubt there is more then a few in her age group on this cruise.

    I'm looking at a Celebrity today from a cruise we took with our son and it states minimum age for the casino and bars are 18 after 11pm. In regards to drinking alcohol when teenagers are 18 and older they are permitted to drink on Celebrity cruises in Europe, Mexico, South American, etc...if they are traveling with a parent who has signed a waiver agreeing they can drink and have agree to be accountable for their behavior. That one I know well because we did have the 18 to 21 year olds last summer drinking on our Baltic Cruise. It wasn't really a problem that I noticed, I had more problems with the over 60 age drunk male who came in late to the Celebrity theater and weaved all over the place until he finally knocked over my drink, breaking the glass and was so out of it he never noticed. Again not sure if her Mother will sign a waiver for her daughter or not, but she might.
  14. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    I was just kidding...but here's the policy.


    Celebrity Cruises guests are expected to be responsible for their actions at all times, including during transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at our ports of call, during shore excursions and at our private destinations. Consuming alcohol to excess impairs one’s judgment and reduces one’s ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Guests who choose to consume alcohol must do so responsibly.

    The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on Celebrity Cruises ships is 21. A guest’s age is established upon embarkation (beginning of the cruise). If a guest celebrates their 21st birthday during the cruise, the guest may thereafter ask the Guest Relations Manger to modify ship’s records to permit their consumption of alcohol during the remainder of the cruise. The guest will be required to appear at the Guest Relations Desk with his or her parent or guardian and to present a government issued form of identification to establish that the guest’s 21st birthday was celebrated during the cruise. The ship’s staff may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to any guest who does not consume alcohol responsibly and may request verification of a guest’s age to determine whether they are of age to consume alcohol pursuant to this policy.

    No guest under age 21 may possess or consume alcohol during transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard or at our private destinations. Should a parent or guardian choose to permit their minor(s) to consume alcohol while ashore during a port of call or an excursion (where local laws permit), they remain accountable for ensuring the minor(s) consume responsibly and retain their ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations when they return to the ship.
  15. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    but if you travel where the age is different

    Alcohol Waiver and Acceptance of Responsibility ñ International v The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on all Celebrity Cruises ships is 21 years of age. • However, on ships in Europe, South America and Australia, where the legal drinking age is lower than 21, a parent who is sailing with his or her son(s) and/or daughter(s) who is between the ages of 18 to 20, may sign a waiver allowing the 18 to 20 year old to consume alcoholic beverages. ßThe 18- to 20 year-old must agree to comply with Celebrity' Cruisesí policies, including among other things, agreeing to not provide alcoholic beverages to any other person, regardless of age. Restrictions apply, and this policy is subject to change without notice. v An individualís age on the date of sailing determines his or her status for the entire cruise vacation. v

    Guests are not allowed to bring beer or hard liquor onboard for consumption or any other use. Guests wishing to bring personal wine onboard with them at the beginning of the cruise may do so, limited to two (2) bottles per stateroom, but when consumed in any shipboard restaurant, bar or dining venue, each bottle shall be subject to a corkage fee of $25.00. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased in ports of call or from onboard shops will be stored by the ship and delivered to guest staterooms on the last day of the sailing. Security may inspect containers (water bottles, soda bottles, mouthwash, luggage etc.) and will dispose of containers holding alcohol. Celebrity Cruisesí

    Guest Vacation Policy may be enforced, up to and including disembarkation, if a guest violates any alcohol policy. Guests under the age of 21 will not have alcohol returned to them. v Guests who violate any alcohol policies, (over consume, provide alcohol to people under age 21, demonstrate irresponsible behavior, or attempt to conceal alcoholic items at security and or luggage check points or any other time), may be disembarked or not allowed to board, at their own expense, in accordance with our Guest Vacation Policies. v Celebrity Cruises reserves the right to revoke or otherwise restrict drinking privileges of any guest, regardless of age. Even if all criteria are met, shipboard personnel may elect, and have the option to, not grant the waiver or any such drinking privileges. The waiver may not apply when the vessel is in certain territorial waters.
  16. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Geez, my homeowners insurance is easier to understand...
  17. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Really.. I need the name of your Agency lol

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