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port of warnemude Germany

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jwh342, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. jwh342

    jwh342 Guest

    I am looking to go to Berlin from Cruise pier by Rail. How far is it to Rail station from pier? How can I get there? I know the station is in Rostock,
  2. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

    The people who went on the Berlin shore excursion were on the train 2 and 1/2 hours each way, I think. And that was with a private train waiting for them at the pier in Warnemunde.

    We walked over to the rail station and caught the train to Rostock where we spent the day. It was a very charming little city.
  3. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

    Dont miss the sailaway from your balcony [if you have one] or from the deck. It was the best we have ever experienced. We would have never done so if our room steward hadn't mentioned it beforehand. The 'entire population' of Warnemunde was on hand to sing and wave goodbye to us. The ferry boats and tugboats followed us out of the harbor. And Andrea Boccelli was singing 'It's Time to Say Goodbye' and the top of his lungs. We will never forget that one!

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