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Corky I'm so sorry to hear of this terrible accident. Positive thoughts that the healing process goes smoothly and he has a full recovery.


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Oh gees, I am sooo sorry to hear this. What a horrible thing to happen to him. My gosh. Prayers that Den is out of there soon, and mending quickly.

I am way to familiar with this kind of injury. Gordon was fixing the springs on our garage door one day, when it snapped back and caught the palm of his hand in it (he was lucky!). It tore all the skin off his hand, and we had to rush him to the ER. They handed him a bottle of degreaser and a stiff wire brush and told him that either he scrubbed his hand or they would. His did it. Ugh! He recovered without issue, as pain was the only real problem at that point (meds for infections). But this is why, at least in CA, that NO one will sell those springs any longer, it's just too dangerous.


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Corky, thank you for the update. Glad you are getting good care. Hope the pain stays at that level 2 or below. Wishing him well on recovering.


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OMG Corky, I am so sorry to hear about Den's accident. I'll be keeping him and you in my prayers. Speedy recovery Denny!


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Dear All...we're home!!! We got home around 11:30, I ran to Wal-mart for bandages, etc for his left arm. Came home, made lunch, and then after lunch changed the bandage on his left is much smaller now, the bandage, kind of the size of a sports wrist band...just a little bigger.

His right hand, we will go to the Ortho drs office on Monday, they will take the old cast off, clean the fingers, and then set him in another cast that will still protect his fingers. The cast now goes past the fingers, and the new one will too. He'll have that one on for 2 weeks and then therapy will start.

He is resting now, on the couch, and feeling good to be home. He has had 1 pain pill and we are watching old music video's, starting with Cosby, Steels, Nash & we are watching 10 Years After...this is all on the Palladia channel.

We are in for the weekend, nowhere to go, I do have to take over the veggie garden, H2O Babe....what I wouldn't give for you to come and help. Thank you so much for the offer!! :doubleup: As it is, Den says he will come out there with me and make sure I do it right. :biggrin: You know I am really looking forward to that! LOL

We can't thank all of you enough for your support. You are true friends!

(((HUGS))) Corky and Denny


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Being home is a good thing. There really is no rest in a hospital. Can you have them cater your dinners, though? It sounds pretty good! I am sure that sleeping in his own bed tonight will be a big plus in his book.


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Just to let you all know, we had a good night...we even slept in the same bed. We were not sure how that would work with two damaged arms, but I never rolled over and hurt him, so life is good.

Den just looked out the patio doors and said, we need to water the garden...I said, didn't it rain on Thursday? :biggrin: So, here in a bit...I'll be out there watering. It is gray outside this morning...maybe if I wait long enough it will rain again. Ha!!

Thank you again, friends, for all of your support, we both appreciate it very, very much! (((HUGS)))


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Good news, Corky. :doubleup: May Denny continue a comfortable recovery.

Now...did you go do the watering? :whistle:
Thank you, Shipmaven! Well, what I did was...I picked two kinds of peppers, a ton of yellow squash and a ton of tomatoes...and then the Rain Gods were with me and it rained!!! :clap: I'm a lucky girl!!! :biggrin:

Cruise cutie

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:whistle:OMG!!!!!!!!!! Corky ...gone for 5 days with work, family etc..and here you and Den are..:(..hugs , prayers and love from Mark and I......XXOO Joanne


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Corky - just remember to remind DH NOT to push it too fast! I'm so glad both of you are home and sleeping well. Just remind him not to rush things!


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HI ya, Cruise Cutie!! Yes, here we, and the accident prone one! :biggrin:

Shipmaven - still counting our many blessings! :doubleup:

Jem - thanks...will pass your good wishes on to Den. :cheer:

Lisa - funny you say that...we've been home, not even a full 24 hours, and he is already bored. Today we are going to start playing board games. Othello, parcheesi, games that he only needs to push a game piece forward. Or back Home in the case of parcheesi, because I am going to whip him! :biggrin:

Note...he slept fairly well last night, and has read both Sunday papers. I'm going to make a real breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and tomatoes. So he is looking forward to that!

Thank you again for all of your care and support!!