Prayer and Good Thoughts for Shipmaven, Please!


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So sorry to hear this. Hope she gets to feeling better soon. Sorry she had to cancel her cruise but glad to read in Jacquie's post that she is getting a Travelscoot. We've had Mike's for exactly 1 yr. It not only makes things much easier for both of us but it takes a lot of the worry away that I had about him falling.


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Shipmaven, Shipmaven, Shipmaven...I am so sorry this has happened to you. It is bad enough you fell, and hurt yourself to the point of 40+ stitches, but to also have to cancel your cruise? Well, that just isn't fair!! Den & I send many, many (((HUGS)) your way and wish we could be there to help you.

Judy - thanks for the heads-up! :doubleup:


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Oh Maey Ann I'am so sorry to hear about your fall & having to cancel your cruise. Try to sit back & relax until things start to heal up. I'am so glad you have such a wonderful friend to help you out. I know Pucci is helping in every way he can.
Prayers & well wishes are on the way from MN.
Thanks Judi for letting us know what was up.


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40 stitches? That's a lot! I'm really sorry to read this about Mama Duck. Please take care, Mary Ann, and let us know how you are doing when you can. XOXO


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Oh my, so sorry I missed this yesterday. Thoughts and prayers to Mary sorry you had to cancel your cruise too but so glad the replacement is in place.


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Oh man when I read about everybody falling,I panic,I am so worried with my sciatica that will happen to me,please take care sweet Lady,Pucci must be a godsend,sending cyber hugs and kisses and much love,Mary Ann,John and Korina


Mary Ann I did not sign on after getting home yesterday so sorry to see you caught the "Mawitis" . Sending prayers and hugs to you. Extra scritches to Pucci-at least he should be able to cuddle in your lap. Horrible to have to cancel a cruise you have looked forward to. Glad to hear you hav e the Travel scoot. Care please.


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So sorry to hear about Mary Ann. You are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you have a speedy recovery and can rebook your cruise for a later date... Take care.


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Mary Ann, I am so sorry I missed this yesterday. Prayers being said for you and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I'm so sorry you had to cancel your cruise. Hopefully you can plan another as soon as you are better. Take care!


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I too missed this yesterday - I am soooooo very sorry this happened. Wishing all the best for a super recovery with many many prayers from here. Susan


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I am so sorry to read this, Mary Ann. I hope by the time you can read the board you are feeling better and are on the road to recovery. Scritches to Pucci and thank goodness for Jean. Good thoughts from NJ to AZ.


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I spoke with Mary Ann a little while ago.

She is (thankfully) taking the Vicodin. She said it's making her quite sleepy. I told her that's so she can mend well.

She said Pucci is plastered to her side. At the time we talked, she was giving him tummy scritches and he was quite content.

She's still at Jean's, but she's going home for a bit at some point so she can catch up on what's been piling up.

I feel so very badly for her. She's been looking forward to this cruise for a couple years now. :(

She said she's pretty sore all over. Her Doctor told her she can expect more pain in the coming days. Nice, huh? :hammer:

She has a Doctor's appointment tomorrow (sorry, I can't remember which Doctor) and I believe she said she has an appointment with a wound specialist on Friday.


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I feel so very badly for her. She's been looking forward to this cruise for a couple years now. :(

She said she's pretty sore all over. Her Doctor told her she can expect more pain in the coming days. Nice, huh? :hammer:
That just adds insult to injury and the pain on top :madd: Thanks for the update Judi and let her know we all are praying for her.

Cruise cutie

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OMG...sigh....................:(...hugs to her and Pucci..the indignity of the concert, dinner, and cruise blasted gone..:(....and such a nasty wound...


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So very sorry, Mary Ann...

Lots of prayers coming from us, hope the pain eases soon...

Little Pucci knows, and he's doing his job sticking right by your side....true compassion!



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Thank you, Judi, and Friends. I'm in the office to be sure I'm caught up on things, then Jean will pick me up again and take her to her home. It's back to no driving for me. :madd:

I am frustrated and angry beyond tears. I never regained much strength in my legs after my knee replacement surgeries. I missed stepping up a curb onto the sidewalk Monday evening, tripped and fell on both knees, with the brunt on my left knee. It burst open. My right knee is badly bruised. I won't describe the bloody scene, but spent the evening (with my friends) in an ER instead of going to the Andre Rieu concert. On the laughable side, I was in an OB/GYN ER.:whistle:

Yes, I was in tears as I cancelled my upcoming cruise that I had booked two years ago.

Thank you for your kind words and prayers. My ortho surgeon warned me the pain will get worse before it gets better, and this will be a long road to recovery. I did a very nasty job on my knee. I'm on heavy doses of antibiotic (that my stomach hates) in the hope that no infection sets in, especially in the prosthetic(s). Now starts a whole series of doctors' appointments - Primary Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon, Wound Specialist (I hope I won't require hyperbaric treatments or surgery).

I'll check in as I can - it's difficult for me to get up from a chair which is why I'm not logging in for now from Jean's.

I'll try to behave if Maw behaves.

Love to you all

Mary Ann


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A big, warm, tight hug to let you know I am so sorry this happened to you. Please know that we are thinking of you and sending you love and prayers and good wishes for less pain every day.