Prayer and Good Thoughts for Shipmaven, Please!


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Me too am glad nothing was broken and many prayers that the skin will heal as it should. Sorry about the bad dr and techs I sure know how that can be. Hang in there and please take care. Susan


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Mama Duck, we're thrilled to see you posting! Please let your doctor know about your experience with the wound specialist. Unacceptable attitudes, techs, and treatments should be reported, as your regular doc may want to consider referring you to someone else. You're dealing with a highly specialized area of concern and there's no room for disorganization or "attitudes". I sincerely hope your knee heals rapidly and adequately with as few visits to the wound specialist as possible. We'll have to send him "Be nice to Mary Ann" vibes!

J.E. M.

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Mary Ann, we were sorry to find out about your accident and that you had to cancell your cruise to Mexico. Best wishes on a speedy recovery, and our prayers go out to you.

Jim & Claire


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Still thinking about you and Pucci, and hoping for the best. What Jacquie says makes sense to me, but I don't know how many choices you have in the Phoenix area.

Take care, and scritches for HRH



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:madd:If any of those 'chancre mechanics' don't do right by Mama Duck ... They'll have to answer to ...


Not someone to be taken lightly. Ask the evil GloBug how powerful I is. So far, I haz brought on fleas, rats, termites, antz and moths. Still have boils, frogs, locusts, blood rain and infancide in reserve!!!!!

Do NOT mess with me. You will not win!!!

ED kicks butt. QUACK!!
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Oh Mary Ann, you have so much to go through, and now E.D.! I am so sorry.

Seriously, I know how important it is to have doctors you can have confidence in, and if these guys don't inspire that trust, please tell your doctor. Prayers continue that you heal up quickly, and don't suffer from boils and frogs.


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Shipmaven - you're constantly in my thoughts and I hope and pray that you are getting along better as each day goes by. (((HUGS)))


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I'm here in the office for an hour or so. All I can say is THANK YOU again for your concern, prayers and comments.

I'm going to my Primary Physician tomorrow morning - trust me, I'll address the wound specialist issue very strongly. The specialist was my Ortho Surgeon's recommendation, not my Primary Physician's.

I had an emotional meltdown yesterday evening and this morning. I'm grateful for what didn't happen, but so frustrated at what did occur.

Importantly, I hate that I placed an extra burden on Charles with the Storm Report when he, himself, is recovering from very serious injuries. SORRY, my Friend. How are YOU feeling?

Little Pucci continues to be stressed out - the moment Jean holds him to allow me to slide into the back seat of the car, he's frantically crying to get to me. :(

I'll check in again when I can - hopefully, I'll return home tomorrow or Tuesday.

God bless - thank you again and again for the comfort you've given me.

connie seabee

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Mary Ann, I just read about your accident. I am so very sorry that you had to cancel the cruise, how very disappointing.
However, there will be more cruises waiting for you. The most important issue is your health and healing.

Many prayers coming you way. (((( Hugs))))


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Mary Ann, it's good to hear that nothing is broken!

I'm really sorry that you had to cancel your Sea of Cortez cruise. It's especially hard to cancel a cruise this close to departure. I know you were looking forward to it.

Prayers from Sweden that the healing will be smooth, fast and complete!




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Dear Mary Ann...don't let those Dr.'s get you down. When you get to your Primary, let him know your concerns. They need to know what happened, and how much stress it caused. I hope you have better days ahead with the medical people.

Pucci is just sensing that something isn't right, and he wants to be near you. Poor little guy...

Try to get some rest, and get well real soon...prayers and hugs...


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Mary Ann

We are very glad to hear that nothing is broken. Our thoghts and prayers are with you and Pucci.

Evie & Joe


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Thank you sincerely, one and all. Checking in quickly again - I hope to be back in a couple of days at most.

I cancelled my appointment with the wound specialist...and when they asked when I wished to re-schedule, I politely stated I wouldn't be returning.

My Primary Physician dressed the wound this morning, and is pleased with how it looks. If HE is pleased, so am I.

Take care, my Friends. I'll check in again ASAP.




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Way to go, Mama Duck! It's a blessing to have a primary doctor you can trust that much. Glad to hear you are both happy with how the boo boo is healing, and hope you are in a better head space. Kiefer sends love and soulful looks to you and Pucci, and a big thanks to Jean for taking such good care of you.


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Mary Ann, I am sorry to read that you were treated unprofessionally by the wound care doctor. There is NO justification for that. I sure wish we had you here in FL.....I know a WONDERFUL wound care center in Ft. Lauderdale that treated my 'chosen' Mom a few years back......also the result of a nasty fall. I hope there really will be no need for that service......that you heal well on your own.

I'm also sorry that Pucci is so stressed, too. Hugs and scritches as needed!

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I return home only to find out some bad news here.

Mary Ann -- so sorry to hear that you had a terrible fall and hurt both knees.

Praying that you will continue to improve and all will be well soon.


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Just checkin' up on you lovely lady! ...and I'm sorry to read that the wound care doctor upset you so! Good for you for telling them that you won't be returning!

Hope that as each day passes you are feeling somewhat better. Know that I am thinking of you every day!




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Checking in again, with my sincere thanks. I'll probably come home tomorrow - we'll see. I tried Bufferin yesterday instead of Vicodin. BAD decision. I felt like a caveman had used a club on me from head to toe. Well, I was warned I would hurt - I shouldn't have tested it! So, I'm back on Vicodin today. :(

Keeping up with work in the office.

Pucci was ornery and stubborn yesterday, so I had to yell at him at dinnertime. *I* felt terrible afterwards. Early this morning, he snuggled into my arms in bed, using my shoulder as a pillow, and wouldn't move - absolutely wouldn't move. Of course, I wasn't going to disturb him either. But I finally had to pick up my cell phone and telephone Jean, who was in the kitchen, to please come and pick up Pucci so I could get out of bed!!:biggrin: