Prayer and Good Thoughts for Shipmaven, Please!


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Thanks for the check-in. It was good to hear your voice yesterday.

I can visualize Pucci immobilizing you. One of my cats used to do this when I had migraines--this is before they were controlled, and I got many symptoms at once. I'd be in a bad mood and yell at him (and everyone), and then go to bed. He'd follow me, and sleep on my shoulder. If I tried to get up, he'd stand on my long hair. I think he wanted me to rest. Pucci just loves his Mom and wants to stay close and see that she gets what she needs... as do we all. HUGS to you!

connie seabee

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Awww, Pucci is so sweet. He loves his mommy. I do hope the pain will subside soon. Don't rush going home, make sure that you're up to doing things without help.


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oh, our furbabies sure know how to push our buttons, don't they. He loves you very much, and wanted to give you comfort and he wanted some comfort, too. His life is upside down, and his rock is you! Keep on that Vicodin, and make sure you recover as painlessly as possible.

Cruise cutie

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So *Gimpy*..hope to connect and hear how it's all shaking out..hugs to you, Jean and Prince Pucci Pupper...Please take extra good care..hugs Joanne and Mark


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Mary Ann, glad to hear that your Primary Care Dr is pleased with your healing and prayers that you continue in that direction...sounds like things have been very stressful for both Pucci and you...hope brighter days are head and once you get home a normal routine will settle in.


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Sounds like you are in good spirits Mary Ann. Hope you're feeling better.

A few years ago I broke my collarbone a week before my scheduled cruise on Explorer of the Seas (my first cruise with Susan). I figured there would be no better place to heal than the deck of a ship so I went anyway. I wish you could have done the same.

Sounds like Pucci is taking good care of you.

Take care and keep us posted on your progress.

Hugs from Susan and I and more get well woofs from little Ginny.


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Mary Ann, glad you are doing better. Poor Pucci, he knows you are not yourself and staying right by you. I remember when my sister had her knee replacement done, we went to see her one evening and she was laying in bed. Zsa Zsa went and laid right beside her and stayed right there till we left. She usually doesn't like to be close to anyone but it was like she knew my sister needed the comfort.

I am sending you a PM.


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Checking in once again...and saying :thankyou: once again. I hope to return home (to stay) Friday.

I dressed the wound myself this morning instead of the doctor doing so. Can think of more pleasant things to do!!!! Other than that, not much change. Still bruised, still achy, knee still bleeding slightly. This weekend will be the pits emotionally as the cruise I should have been on with friends sails without me. :madd:

Pucci continues to be glued to my side, and still refuses to understand that Mommy has "owies" and it HURTS if he tries to jump on my knees! :(

Take care - I appreciate your kind comments.


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Big hugs Mary Ann. I know this is so difficult, physically and emotionally. Know we are all thinking of you...


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Huge hugs for you and lots of scritches for Pucci! Get well woofs and chirps are headed your way also. It just makes me sick to think of you missing that cruise you had worked so hard for!

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I feel so bad for you Mary Ann that you are missing your cruise.

But do hope that you will be able to return to your own home this weekend.

Prayers that you keep improving.


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Oh Mary Ann I'am so sorry that you are missing your cruise that yoiu were looking so forward too.
Good to hear that you were able to change the dressings yourself & that soon you will be home again. Don't rush things, time will heal.
Thank goodness you have little Pucci at your side.
Many prayers & healing wishes are coming your way.


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Glad to hear you're continuing to improve Mary Ann. It will be nice for you to be back in your own space.

Susan and I are so sorry about your cruise but there will be many more to come.

Hugs to you and scritches to Pucci


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mary ann I am so glad that you will be able to go home and sorry you had to miss your cruise I am so looking forward in cruiseing with the ducks and you in may hugs