Prayer Request for Charles (Captain Weather)


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As I posted in the Aft Deck, Charles was hit by a car crossing the street this morning and was unresponsive at the scene according to the family member who contacted me. He's now in surgery for a broken leg.

Let's please keep him in our prayers. Thank you.

Mary Ann


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I feel sick....Mary Ann, thank you for posting and please let us know as you hear more updates (I know you wil). My prayers are being sent for Charles' speedy recovery!!!


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I posted in the AFT Deck, but I will add another post for prayers for a complete recovery. This is very scary. Please keep us updated, Mary Ann.

Donna - dsw

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Oh no - so sorry to hear this - boy does this bring back bad memories!

Will keep him and the whole family in my thoughts and prayers!

Drivers - please slow down and look!


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Not really an update - as of about an hour ago, "Mrs. Charles" said he was still in surgery or, possibly, in ICU. She was waiting for the police to call her back so she could learn more about what happened and where his personal belongings are. Charles' son and brother are with "Mrs. Charles".

It's obvious that your prayers and good thoughts are really needed and will certainly be appreciated.

Thank you to those who have replied - and, Donna, I know this has to be particularly nerve-wracking for you.

Mary Ann


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Charles is out of surgery and in ICU. He hasn't awakened yet. Once he does, it's critical that he be able to breathe on his own without tubes.

The accident happened around 6:30am local time near his home. Two bones below his knee are broken in his left leg. He aspirated into his lungs at the scene of the accident. It would appear they know who hit him (a retired person), but I don't know if the driver stopped or if it was a hit and run with witnesses identifying the driver..

While Charles is in ICU, he can't receive flowers or phone calls. I don't know the name of the hospital yet.

Mary Ann
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My heart just sunk when I read this. Thank you Mary Ann for keeping us posted. One just never knows what the day will bring, and I pray it brings his recovery.