Prayer Request for Charles (Captain Weather)


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Update: "Mrs. Charles" said Charles was awake for a little bit but not long. She is working on getting his glasses so when he does wake up he can see. He is still stable and on pain meds so he is asleep a lot. So far the prognosis is good.

The family prefers no phone calls at this time, but appreciate the good wishes of the Cruise @ddicts community. Pucci has sent Charles a fuzzy plush Poodle to keep with him during his convalescense. This may be a long road to recovery.

The family is aware of the Cruise @ddicts concern and prayers, and appreciates them.

Mary Ann



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This is wonderful news to come home to. Thank you Shipmaven for keeping us up to date on how Charles is getting along. And for sending our best wishes to him via Mrs Charles. :cheer:

Hang in there, Charles!!! (((HUGS)))

Gramma Ann

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Wow. Oh my goodness. Just today got a chance to read, so had not heard. So glad he is doing as well as he is. Lots of prayers for him and his family.


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I'm glad that Charles has stabilized. Sending him lots of healing thoughts for the recovery ahead.

Thanks to our messenger!


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Please accept my prayers. I haven't been to the boards in a few days and was shocked when I read the news. Charles will certainly be in my prayers and I wish him a speedy and full recovery. Please send him get well wishes for me.


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Thank you, @ll.

The interim report this morning is that Charles is still in ICU and that he had a good night. He continues to sleep a lot, being sedated by the pain meds, and was awake a couple of times yesterday but not for long due to the sedation.

I should receive more news as the day wears on and shall post then. "Mrs. Charles" and their son are at the hospital.

The family is aware of your prayers and how @ddicts have rallied 'round, and is most appreciative.

Mary Ann


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Thank you for the update Mary Ann. I'm so glad to hear that he had a good night. This must be so difficult for his family as well.


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Thank you for your well-wishes and prayers. Mary Ann


Charles has been moved out of the ICU for now. He was able to sit up for a little bit today as well. He doesn’t have a phone, it sounds like a pre-op room. He might be having surgery on his leg Friday morning. The doctors have to check the bone is still in place and the swelling has gone down. We won’t know if he will have surgery until the day of (most likely Friday).



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I continue to pray for Charles and his recovery. It sounds like he has had some improvement and was able to be moved out of the ICU. I hope if he does have surgery that it goes well.

Thanks for the updates Mary Ann.



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Thank you Mary Ann for all the follow ups! It is good to read that Charles continues to improve. He remains in my thoughts and prayers.


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Capt. Weather is in my thoughts and prayers as well. Check here first for updates before I check anything else. Thanks MD!


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Wow, six pages here so far. A tribute to how much we all care for Charles.

The outlook seems good so far although there are hurdles to clear before it's all better. Don't worry c, I'll run for you. I used to do the high hurdles in High School. Won some ribbons too so I know you'll be fine.