Prayers and Good Thoughts for my friend, please


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My sweet friend Angela, with terminal brain cancer, is having chemo AGAIN, starting on Thursday. I'm not sure how many rounds, but it was a sudden decision after the MRI because of all the heart attacks she's been having recently. (The tumor is affecting nerves that cause her coronary arteries to severely constrict, stimulating a heart attack. They had no idea what was causing her heart attacks until they watched one during an MRI!). This will be the 9th (I think) time I've seen her go through chemo since I met her in 2007, and I think she had only 1 chemo cycle just before that.

She was diagnosed in 2005 and given 18 months to live, so she's beaten those odds. The chemo has helped, I am sure, but it's a miserable and horrible thing to go through.

Prayers please, that she can finish this entire cycle of chemo. The last one had to be halted. The new cocktail was wrong for her.

Thank you for your powerful prayers and thoughts.



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Oh, my gosh, what a fight she has had, and she's lucky to have you for a friend! Prayers and good thoughts are on the way.


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Oh, what a sad tale. She is a very brave woman and lucky to have you for a friend. Add me to the list of people sending prayers. Please keep us updated.


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Thanks you guys, but you have it just a bit wrong. I am the blessed one. A chance meeting at Michael's 5 years ago resulted in a deep and loving friendship, and I am very grateful for any time I have with her. Prayers are powerful and I thank you for yours.


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How very sad that someone has had to go thru so much. Obviously this is 1 special lady that has been able to put up such a fight. Sending positive thoughts & wishes as she goes thru this again.


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Thanks everyone. She usually has two chemo days one week (Tuesday and Thursday), then one week off, then repeat, for six weeks.

This time, she has chemo on Thursday and Friday, then a week off. I suspect that Thursday is the easy chemo day, she will be hooked up, and spend the day on her laptop, or her phone texting or knowing Angela, talking to anyone who even walks by her room. But Friday will be the really hard chemo day, and they will just knock her out for the day. She'll probably feel fine on the weekend and then by Sunday night or Monday she will feel like she wants to withdraw from it all for a few days. So if I get to see her in the next six weeks, it will be a very small window of opportunity, and only if I am in very good health.

Thank you thank you for your prayers.