Prayers are working.



Well I went to the hospital early because Mike had a 10:30 am cat scan. When he came back the nurse told us the preliminary results were that nothing was found. I just returned home after the doctor came in. The liver has cleared, in other words what was seen there yesterday on an ultra sound is not now there. At this point they can't say with certainty because an ultra sound is inconclusive without the cat scan, whether it was a blood clot or something else stuck in the duct or, an inflamation. What they know is that his liver panel should have been 30-40 and it was over 3000. Today it had dropped to 900. The doctor stopped his coumadin also, and will restart it if the liver panel goes up they will know he is allergic to the coumadin, and it had bruised the liver. They believe the reason the coumadin dropped his clotting from 3 to 13 is that the liver in it's unstable condition could not filter the coumadin. They can't say for sure but that is a good guess right now. They are also not sure if a drug given when they put the stent in may have caused a reaction.

Today he actually woke up starving ordered breakfast and the nurse took it away. He couldn't eat before his CT scan. By the time his lunch came he was very hungry and ate very well. It is the first time in 7 days he has eaten a full meal and had an appetite. He couldn't eat because of the liver being so pizzzzzzzed off it was making him sick. The good thing about a liver is it does repair itself and the high levels is an indicator that something just happened that the liver did not like. So his first dose will be just about now and they will draw blood every 4 hours.

What I couldn't even say out loud yesterday was that they were looking for cancer in some of the vital organs. All of the tests have ruled that out. I guess cancers would present similarly. pheeeeeewwwwww. Thank God. That was our main fear. The look in Mike's eyes just about floored me when we were advised yesterday that they had to rule this in or out as a factor.

They did get another look at the lungs at the same time. The nurse and the doctor said they are big clots, chunks. It is going to take time for those to dissolve. He still has clots in the feet and right leg. So bed quiet and not moving around is what he needs until his blood is thinned. He is right now on heparin and will remain on it.

Mike has been in the Critical Intensive Care Unit. They are stepping him down to the Intensive Care unit when a bed becomes available. He will be monitored on the drugs very carefully now and they believe he just needs to be anti-coagulated more than the normal person. But if the coumadin sends his levels through the roof again, they will have to reassess how to do that. But even when he reaches the optimum levels they want, they will probably keep him a couple of days extra to make sure nothing funky is going on.

They still do not know why he is forming clots when he is anti-coagulated. Still a mystery. But except for oxygen saturation Mike's other vital signs including his BP and heart rate are good. He has been through alot so maybe his body just needs to stop being ticked off at all of the intrusions and it will stop creating these clots.

I am about to eat some breakfast, lunch dinner, and then take a long peacful nap. While I did sleep 5 hours last night my sleep was full of nightmares. I kept dreaming that I was falling. I know my brain was trying to relieve me of what I was afraid of, but it was a fitful night.

From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you for your well wishes and prayers. Keep them coming, I pray that the answers we got today are what leads Mike to recovery. He will not be released before Thursday probably, and it may be longer than that. It is a wonder that those blood clots made it through the heart without another MI they are large and dense. I know someone was watching over us. :angel


Judy I just came to board at right time. we are so concerned abt Mike and you--having been there done that in 2006 I can fully sympathize with you. My prayers and best wishes are little to offer but you have them for sure. Hugs--hang in there.


Thanks for the update, Judy. Glad it s a happy one. May this trend continue until your Tall man is home where he belongs and may he stay there . Thanks be to God that nothing scary was found, hopefully it will turn out to be a medical anomaly and nothing more serious.


That is really good news Judy. They finally seem to be getting a handle on it. AND YEAH!!!!!....NO CANCER! That is just the best news! No wonder that you had nightmares last night. I am glad you are taking some 'Judy' time and trying to catch up on your rest.

We will keep those good thought and the :angel dust headed west!

Thanks for keeping us all informed........we are so concerned!


Judy - wonderful news, especially about NO CANCER. Thank God. Hopefully, the other issues can be resolved quickly and Mike can start regaining his strength after this horrid ordeal.

Prayers certainly continue for you both. And please give Killian some scritches from Pucci and me.

Mary Ann


Good thoughts, prayers and many hugs continued from here. Sounds better today for sure. The body works in ways we have no way of understanding just have to go with what we know. I hope he is now truly on the road to recovery and has no more setbacks.


Prayers will continue. This is such good news, I just hope they get all the answers soon so Mike can make a complete recovery. Best wishes to you both.


Sounds like a positive report for sure....let us hope and pray that things continue to go forward in a positive way. Thankfully the big C has been ruled out! Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to take time for you to eat and sleep. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.


We're pulling for him up here too. Give him our love when you see him and take care of yourself as well. Keep us posted. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Laurey and Ian


Thank God there is no cancer, the rest we can deal with. Prayers continue for a continued recovery. After all he's been through, I guess we won't be lining up to slap him after all!


Glad to hear the news is better! Please keep us updated - as we will keep him and you in our prayers!]



I'm glad you are getting some positive news. May things continue to improve and he gets well quickly. Please try to rest when you can.


Great news Judy. Here's another big hug. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Judy))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


That is wonderful news Judy that no cancer showed up. Now to disolve those clots and get Mike back on track...lots of prayers still heading his way and big hugs to you too Girl. Hope you get a restful sleep tonight.


So glad to hear the good news! Prayers do work and we'll continue as long as you need! I know it sounds crazy but sometimes bad dreams foretell of good things to come! So, while you may feel very unsettled at the nightmares, just know that its probably because very good things are on the way!



Thank's for the update Judy, it's great to get some good news once in awhile. Now I hope you are able to get some rest. Prayer's & good thought's continue from MN.

H2O babe

BJ - I echo Jan's words - more prayers and good thoughts coming your way from MN. Hopefully the worst is behind you and the good days will soon be upon you. Take care of you so you can take care of Mike when he's ready to come home.