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Prayers are working.

Discussion in 'The Safe Harbor' started by BostonsJ, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Thank you for the update, Judy. I am so glad things are heading in the right direction. I echo everyone else's advice to take care of yourself as best as you can. Prayers continue.
  2. reggae

    reggae Guest

    I sure hope Mike continues to get better a little at a time. Prayers and hugs for both of you...
  3. kpopperwell

    kpopperwell Guest

    Continuing prayers coming your way. Glad to hear that there is some progress in the right direction.
  4. Judi

    Judi Guest

    Prayers continue from Joisey. Glad to hear that things seem to be going in the right direction now.
  5. KathyC

    KathyC Guest

    Glad to hear that Mike seems to be stabilizing & after hearing the "cancer" word it is especially great news when they say there is NO cancer. As he continues to improve perhaps you can now relax & get some much needed rest.
  6. ewheelock

    ewheelock Guest

    Great new Judy. I have just returned from sleep in the deep at the Tennessee Aquarium with 20 brownie scouts (there were 6 adults) and am so glad to open your message and see the good news! I hope that they find out what is happening with Mike and get it corrected very soon.
  7. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Things seem to be improving. I'm glad,

    Positive thoughts still coming your way from NJ.


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