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Prayers for a dear Friend, please


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A dear friend of mine is not doing well in his battle against cancer. He was diagnosed with lung cancer a little over two years ago - had immediate surgery, chemo and radiation. All indications were that it was caught in time. Pet scans and other diagnostic tools showed him "cancer free". About 3-4 months ago, he fell in their home, hit his head on a concrete urn, was rushed to the hospital...to make a long story short, he had suffered several seizures and inoperable tumors were found in his brain. He has undergone several series of state-of-the-art radiation treatments, but the prognosis isn't looking good. His personality is becoming erratic...

Will you please keep him and his family in your prayers and good thoughts. Thank you.

Mary Ann


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Prayers are on the way for him as well as for you. You certainly have had rough luck with friends with difficult issues lately, and I'm so sorry.


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I am so sorry to hear about your friend. That issue of inoperable brain tumors is too close to home for me. Prayers your friend's family finds the strength they need to help him deal with this.


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So sad. Sending positive thoughts that he will show some improvement & be as free of pain as possible as he travels this difficult road.

Cruise cutie

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I am so sorry to read this Mary Ann..sigh... hugs and prayers Dear Heart..=/..some days just never ever tally out...may he have peace, and comfort too..XXOO Joanne


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Ruchela, Pat, Coral and Joanne - thank you. So many @ddicts have had their share of heartache this past year. I appreciate that you still have prayers and good thoughts to spare. {{{HUGS}}}

Mary Ann


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Hoping your friend is comfortable and all are finding the ability to deal with this. Prayers continue, of course ...


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Mary Ann...I don't know how I missed this earlier and I am so sorry to read that your friend is having to deal with this awful diagnosis again. He will be in my prayers as will his family and his friends! Hugs to you too...I know you care so very much!