Prayers for a Friend, please?


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A very good friend of mine - not a member of Cruise @ddicts - was just diagnosed with lung cancer. We don't know how early or what Stage yet. The diagnosis came down yesterday, and I received the disturbing news this morning.

Your prayers will be very much appreciated. I'll update if/when I know more.


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Oh Mary Ann....what a way to begin the New Year. It is always a blow to hear news like this and when it is someone you know well and call "friend" it is frightening and painful! I'm sending heartfelt prayers for your friend and special hugs to you too!!


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Absolutely Mama Duck. What a terrible diagnosis. I see many come to my facility suffering from this horic curse. My deepest sympathy and strong prayers.


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Thank you, Beryl and Calgon.

Several of my friends were diagnosed with this killer - one had never touched a cigarette and was a physicial fitness buff (along with her DH). She died a horrible death at age 43. The others, all more senior in age, had been smokers - but that doesn't make the diagnosis any easier to bear. One was a beloved member of the early Duck Crew.

Although it's the start of a New Year, I've been very depressed since I received the news this morning.

Again, thank you.

Mary Ann


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So sorry to hear this. It was exactly 1 yr ago Jan 5th that we got our diagnosis. Yes, we are having issues right now but we are still much better off than we were a yr ago. And they seem to come up with better treatments all of the time so we all have to keep hoping that there will be better days ahead.


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Mary Ann
So sorry to hear about your friend, hope that they found it early.
I will pray for your friend & a couple for you too.


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I am very sorry to hear of your sad news, Shipmaven and send my best to you, and to your friend. (((HUGS)))


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Mary Ann, I am keeping your friend in my prayers. I had a Aunt of the Heat who died at 62 from lung cancer and never smoked in her life...but she was exposed to a lot of second hand smoke over the years. Sad....


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Thank you so much. My friend is undergoing a series of tests this week, and a needle biopsy on Friday, to determine what's what. He has a close friend who's a top cardiologist in this area, and the cardiologist seems to be very optomistic that this was caught early and has not spread.

The irony is - he and his wife and family are on my 60th Anniversary cruise in June, and he'll be celebrating his 60th birthday during the cruise.

A special hug and thanks to those of you who've had either your own, or family, medical issues to cope with.
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I am sorry to read this about your friend. Prayers for him and his family winging their way.

I've gone through this with a close friend. She fought it off successfully for many many years. The treatments aren't fun, but they always worked for her. When she died it was not from lung cancer.


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Thank you again, @ddicts family. His wife is freaking out and he is unusually quiet, so I know this is super-frightening for them. They both said earlier this week that prayers are VERY much appreciated.

Glo - I remember your mentioning your friend, God rest her. I know two people (one of whom, a formerly heavy smoker) who've been diagnosed with lung cancer and are doing just fine several years later. Two others come to mind who died a horrible death. You just never know. :(

The biopsy is being done tomorrow so they'll know exactly what they're dealing with. Unfortunately, he used to be a heavy smoker until about 3 years ago. :(


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More prayers, hugs, and good thoughts are on the way! Some types of lung cancer have a better prognosis than others, so let's hope it's one of the better ones. I've never had a patient with lung cancer who told me if they had a chance to live life over they would do it the same way in regards to smoking. My dad was one of them, and the one thing he told me when he was diagnosed (on my birthday) was that I should keep begging everyone to stop, or even better, never start. Please keep us posted about your friend and tell him I've also called to have him added to our church prayer list. He's at the top of ours!


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Just seen this. Sending out prayers. My father and Jules' brother both had lung cancer. I can feel for what they are going thru.