Prayers for a friend, please.


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I just found out that my friend Cindy got news that her 27 yr. old daughter died last night. She recently became engaged, and her fiance turned out not to be the person she thought he was. She broke off the engagement, and he began stalking her. The officials took her body to Michigan State for an autopsy, which of course raises all kinds of concerns.

Cindy and Kevin are devastated, and have much to cope with. Please spare a prayer that they are able to get through this. I can't imagine losing a child, that loss would cripple me.


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Glo - how tragic. I am so saddened to read this. My condolences to you, and to the family and friends of Cindy and Kevin. {{{HUGS}}} to you.

Mary Ann


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Thanks. Cindy says that we should all remember to tell our loved ones that we love them on a regular basis, because "tomorrow" might be too late.

Calgon just told me that the town Cindy lives in is very small and most likely does not have a resident coroner, so it would be SOP to send her remains there to be examined. No red flags because of that. Hopefully it is just an accident and nothing else. Very sad...


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What tragic news for the family. I'm so sorry for them. Prayers are on the way. I had a friend who was shot through her living room window by her ex boyfriend while she was on the phone with the police. I don't know what gets into people today.


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Life is so stressful, I guess some people just snap. Certainly not anything new, but tragic none the less.


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So sorry for your friends loss. I cannot imagine what they are going through. Prayers to them to have the strength to cope with their loss.


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I am quite sure that there can be no greater pain than that of losing a child. My heart is breaking for your friends. They will be in my prayers. ....and prayers for you too as you lend your love and support to Cindy and Kevin.


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Glo.......this just breaks my heart. There is violence everywhere we turn these days. It's almost more than my brain can absorb. My heart goes out to your friends. They are in my thoughts.


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Cindy can't even stop crying long enough to talk. She is supposed to be picking out flowers and a Mother of the Bride dress and making invitations, and instead she's picking out a casket and flowers and making a board full of her daughter's pictures. This haunts me so much, I can't imagine the pain she is going through, but it must be the worse pain ever experienced by a woman who loves her children. Thanks for your prayers. Cindy and Kevin need strength to get through this.


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Glo, I am so sorry for your friends. They are going thru every parents worse nightmare. I pray they find the strength to get thru these horrible days and find a way to cope with this devastating loss.