Prayers for DD


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I know I have asked for prayers alot lately but they always seem to help so I am asking again.

Could you please keep my DD close to your heart and in your thoughts and prayers? She spent today in the ER and had a very significant loss today. She is going to be alright with time.

I cannot travel to be with her and I am frantic with worry so please pray with me that she will be surrounded by love while she heals.




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Meg...thought I would check here just before I "check out" for awhile! I am heartbroken for your DD and of course will keep her in my prayers. Never fear...she knows you are loving her, praying for her and thinking of her constantly!!

I want you to know that I am thinking of you too and keeping you in my thoughts and take care of is imperative that you do so or you won't be able to "help" anyone.



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Always. Please let her know that the three of us are thinking about her and sending our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers. And, please know that we are thinking of you, also.


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HI Meg, Very sorry to hear of your DD's situation. Pulling for her recovery. Praying for everyone's health.

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Good morning Meg

So sorry to read about your daughter. Prayers being said for her. Hope she gets well soon.

Also prayers for you to get better as well.


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Oh Meg, so sorry to hear about your daughter...and to go through this trama so soon after moving so far from home. Please know that I'll keep her in my prayers....and prayers to you too Mom!


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Thank you all so much for your prayers. My DD is on bed rest and will be fine in time. I am talking to her constantly & wishing we were together. She thanks everyone for their prayers - she says it comforts her to know that you are all thinking of her now.



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Meg - thank you for your update. I can only surmise, from your original post, what may have happened. Whether or not I'm correct in my assumption, your DD and you remain in my prayers for both physicial and emotional healing.


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Hugs, love, and prayers from here as well..and they never stop for your home...please let Elizabeth know I'm having get through it thoughts with her in spirit..sigh....Joanne


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I thank each and every one of you who has stopped by to send your prayers along. Elizabeth thanks all of you for thinking of her at this time.

She remains on bed rest for the time being but did get word today that she has another job interview tomorrow. We are all hopeful that she can find employment as it will help her to have some income right now.