Prayers for John (Calgon) and Pat, please


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I just saw this posted on Facebook:

John and I are on our way back to Mi. Mom has slipped into a coma. Asking for prayers we make it back in time.

I'm sure she would be happy for more prayers from all of us. She lost her father earlier this year, so this has to be terribly difficult for her. Pat, when you have a chance to read this note, know that many prayers are with you as you deal with this, and especially that you make it in time. If your Mom is like mine, she will wait for you. Mine did!


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OMG - how sad. Please know that my love and prayers are being sent your way, Pat and John.

Jacquie - thank you for the heads up. :( I just saw this.


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My prayers have been with them since I seen the FB sure has been a stressful time for many @ddicts. Safe Travels to them too....