Prayers for Mary Ann PLEASE


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I just got off the phone with Mary Ann and we did more crying than talking. Her leg has become badly infected and she must enter the hospital in the morning (Friday) for IV antibiotics, so she will not be able to go on the cruise with her beloved duckies. She told me she will be on the telephone most of the evening making alternate arrangements, so until things settle down, please send prayers and emails her way.


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I am sooo sorry to see this post. I just talked to Mary Ann the other night and was so happy she was doing well and going to be able to go on her cruise. This is just awful news, both that her leg is so infected that she needs to be hospitalized and that she is not going to be able to cruise. I'm sure the ducks will not be happy.

Sending prayers and healing thoughts her way.


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I am very concerned. Thoughts and prayers are certainly on the way. Jacquie, thank you for letting us know. This is very upsetting.


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Oh, I am so very sad to read this. I know that the ducks have been looking forward to this cruise for a long time. This absolutely STINKS. Prayers for a speedy and uneventful recovery to Mary Ann. There just seems to be a dark cloud hanging over too many of our friends here.:(:(
We are so very sorry to read this. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Mary Ann. It is such an awful disappointment for you as well as the obvious suffering you must be going through. Get Well Soon. D&L.


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Im so sorry sweetie,its just not right,life really sucks some days,hope the IV does the trick but to miss your Duckie cruise is awful,hugs and love and prayers on the way,you are in my thoughts!

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#10 this here, and FB..sigh..I'm ready for a fork, as in done, overcooked, and so certain.things have *GOT* to get better..+/hugs Marie..

I'll be in touch Dear Mary Ann.XXOo Joanne and Mark


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I was so sorry to read this I was so looking forward in cruiseing with her prayers go out to her. I feel like crying also this is such upsetting news I send hugs to her that infection will clean up


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Sis, as I said earlier, the most important thing at this point is to get you well!!!!

We'll miss you terribly.



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This is just such unhappy news (Thanks Korinna for posting it on FB!). A cruise among great friends was just what Mary Ann needed after this past week. Comfort, friendship and toasting a dear friend into the hereafter would have been good for all. I'm sending healing thoughts to Mary Ann.......and poor Pucci. As someone who is not so sure-footed herself in the past couple of years, I know how in the blink of an eye, we can fall or bump into something. Cuts and scrapes are so much more serious these days at any age with all of the nasty bacteria flying around. I hope the hospital stay will be short.......but most of all, I hope the IV anti-Bs will do the trick quickly. Hugs to Mary Ann.

Thanks Jacquie for letting us know.


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Oh my gosh, this is certainly disappointing news. I was hoping so much that Mary Ann would be able to make this cruise, she so deserves to get a break. prayers go out, and Keifer and I also will be in touch.