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Prayers for Mary Ann PLEASE

Discussion in 'The Safe Harbor' started by JacquieP, May 26, 2011.

  1. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Awaiting results of mental evaluation

    Oh Mama Duck ... What am I supposed to do with all these Rhino Rockets????

    Court Jester will be locst without Queen Quack to keep him in line. I know Princess SunFlower will do her best, but without the feathered scepter, it just won't be the same ....

  2. TexasSue

    TexasSue Well-Known Member

    I am so so sorry to read this. Prayers that the antibiotics take hold and work fast as Judi posted the most important thing is for her to get well. I know she is very upset to be missing the cruise. Will continue the prayers. Susan
  3. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Thank you, dear Friends. I'm at a loss for words - although my suitcases and Duck Crew boxes arrived in NYC today, I'll be admitted to the hospital instead of flying to New York in the morning. I don't know for how long.

    Your prayers and good wishes are greatly appreciated. I hope this infection can be stopped quickly. A Wound Specialist will called in - it looked gross today.


    JANPEP Well-Known Member Community Sponsor

    Oh Mary Ann I'am so sorry that you have to miss your cruise.
    I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers that the infection clears up quickly.
    It is important that you take care of you 1st your health is #1.
  5. herb

    herb First Original Member

    get well soon Mary Ann :)
  6. NiteStar

    NiteStar Well-Known Member

    Oh this is horrible news.....I can hardly believe it. My prayers are with you Mary Ann. And I'm so sorry you are going to miss your beloved duck cruise.
  7. reggae

    reggae Well-Known Member

    Very sad to read this....

    But as Jan said, your health is number one, and most important that you get rid of that infection. Hope it clears up fast, and you can be home again soon.

    Hugs and prayers for you Mary Ann...and a hug for Pucci too..
  8. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry to hear this - but as Judi said - right now your health is the main thing. Hope the IV does the trip and you can get another Duck Cruise together real soon.

    Hugs and prayers for you lady! Take care!
  9. Corky

    Corky Well-Known Member

    We are crushed to read this. Crushed that poor Shipmaven has to continue to deal with these health issues. Crushed that she has to miss the Duck Cruise to Bermuda.

    Shipmaven - we send all of our hopes that your are well soon! (((HUGS)))
  10. ewheelock

    ewheelock Well-Known Member

    Mary Ann, I know you are devistated about the Duck cruise but just get that leg free of infection and healed up. That is the most important thing!
  11. nieciez

    nieciez Well-Known Member Community Sponsor

    Oh Mary Ann, I am so sorry to hear you need to go to the hospital. Prayers and best wishes heading your way for a quick recovery. We know how disappointed you and your Ducks are but your good health is most important to us all. Take care dear lady, hugs to you and Pucci.
  12. maw

    maw Wordsmith

    Mary ann I can imagine how disappointed you are so hope nfection clears ups soon. Know all the duckies and dits are so disappointed you can not go along. Heal fast and get home to pucci.
  13. gram

    gram Well-Known Member


    Mary Ann, our hearts ack for you. I couldn't beleive this has happened again to you. Let's pray the infection goes away quickly. OUr thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Evie & Joe
  14. Happy2cu

    Happy2cu Well-Known Member

    Get better soon Mary Ann - I'm so sorry to hear that you have to miss your cruise.
  15. Funnel

    Funnel Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor

    I'm so sorry to read this. :(
    It's not fair that you had to cancel another cruise in a short time, Mary Ann.

    I'm just thinking about what would have happened if you had found the infection during the cruise and not before.
    As have been said, most important is that you will take care of the infection.

    Please accept my prayers for a fast and complete recovery.

  16. earl_m

    earl_m Social Host

    We are so sorry to hear about what happen to your leg' we were looking forward to meeting you for the first time.
    we are hoping for a speedy recovery
  17. KathyC

    KathyC Well-Known Member

    Here it is Fri nite & I've just returned from our trip to Chicago. I am so sorry to read this. Hope the IV gets the infection under control & you're feeling better soon.
  18. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    Saying prayers for you Mary Ann that the doctors will get the infection cleared up quickly.

    So sorry that you have to miss your Duck Cruise.
  19. connie seabee

    connie seabee Well-Known Member Community Sponsor

    I know how disappointed you are missing the Duck Cruise, but the most important thing right now is for you to get well.
    I will keep you in my Prayers. (((HUGS)
  20. sage

    sage Well-Known Member

    You are in my prayers. I hope that they can get your leg healed quickly. There will be other cruises, but there is only one you, and your health is the most important. I will light a candle tonight for you.

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