Prayers for My Dad Please


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I just found out in an email this morning that my dad has cancer and is undergoing treatment.

Please will you add him to your prayers? I appreciate it.



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Sorry to read this, Meg. I hope that it is something easily treated and that he doesn't suffer. I will keep him and YOU in my thoughts.


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Meg - I'm so sorry to read this. Of course I'll add your Dad to my prayer list, and you as well. I pray this is a treatable cancer.


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It's malignant breast cancer. He is undergoing radiation and will be starting chemotherapy on Monday. Our family has a terrible track record with cancer as both my sister and my mom both passed from it. I am praying that he is able to beat it but right now it's looking bad, very bad.

Thanks for the prayers - I truly appreciate it.



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Oh my gosh Meg, I am so sorry. What a scary thing for your dad, and you! Prayers that he handles the treatment and comes out of this ok. Prayers for you too. This must be difficult for you. (((Meg)))


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Oh Meg so sorry to read this. My heart & prayers go out to you & your family.
Pleas keep us updated, thank-you


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Meg - I just read your update from yesterday evening. I'm so sorry. I still pray that your Dad will be one of the lucky ones to beat this horrible illness. {{{HUGS}}} and God bless.


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Meg...Thank you for mentioning the type of cancer that your Dad was diagnosed with. It is important that we are all aware that men are not immune to this disease! While not nearly as common as it is in women it does happen to men and it does need to be spoken of. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2010, about 1,970 new cases of breast cancer in men would be diagnosed and that breast cancer would cause approximately 390 deaths in men. Any new mass in the breast of a man should be checked out by a physician...just as in women!

Keeping you Dad in my prayers!


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Prayers are on the way! Breast carcinoma in men is severely under-diagnosed as they don't generally think that they could have anything like breast cancer.