Prayers for my friend Angela


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My sweet friend Angela has so many issues, and new ones just showed up. She has been having chest pains for several weeks, and that stubborn woman FINALLY went in. They thought she was having heart attacks, so they put her on nitro. But after extensive 10 hour testing on Monday, it seems it's not heart attacks precisely. Her arteries are swelling and she's throwing clots.

Today she asked me to take her shopping for Halloween stuff, because "her legs aren't working." Understatement! She can get around on her walker, but raising up her legs to climb a step is a no-go. And they don't know why her legs won't work.

Angela is only 42, and she has brain and bone cancer, lupus, pulmonary thrombosis, cardiac fibrosis and undiagnosed MS. This leg thing is new in the last few days. I just saw her on Monday and she was doing pretty good!

Your prayers are very much appreciated.


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She certainly does have a rough time, but she's my inspiration for courage. I thought I had some problems to face the rest of my life, but NOTHING compared to what Ang faces, and she keeps on going.


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Oh Glo....this is so sad and I am of course sending prayers for your friend. She indeed has had a rough life and I'm sure her path ahead will be rough. I'm praying that she overcomes all her challenges.


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She will overcome these challenges, but not in the way we would like. Her brain cancer is terminal, and her lupus is getting worse. It's astounding she has hung on this long, but I am grateful day by day for having her in my life.