Prayers for Pucci, Please?


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Pucci is undergoing surgery this morning along with teeth cleaning. A lump was discovered last Thursday between the pads of his right hind foot that's too deep to remove by laser under local anesthesia. They're also removing a lipoma from his back and a few smaller things.

I would appreciate it if you could find a prayer for my little sweetie. At 11 years plus, anesthesia isn't that easy on him now.

Thank you. Mommy is a nervous wreck.


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Prayers are going to your little man. Sure hope that he does well and forgives you for doing this to him! And prayers to you also!



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Sending lots of "woofs" up to the Big Alpha. Be careful on that removing "a few smaller things". SunFlower said that to me, and now I bark in soprano!


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Oh poor Pucci....he has my prayers and both Georgie and Louie send him Get Well Woofs! Keep us updated Mary Ann!


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Lots and Lots of prayers from here from me and the fearsom 4 - all of us will be awaiting the news that all is well. Can't have anything happen to our friend. Hang in there MaryAnn waiting is harder on family than the patient. Please let us know asap how it goes.

Susan (and my 4 dogs) Cher, Lucy, Jessie and Sam


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Thank you all so much. Your kind words and prayers are very much appreciated.

My little sweetheart is groggy, and he's curled up on his favorite cushion here in my office. He was under anesthesia for about three hours, and then spent his "recovery" in my arms. I always insist on holding him. He seems to have done amazingly well today, especially for his age. The poor little guy looks like he's been through WW III - they zapped a little growth on his muzzle; they removed a growth from his left eyelid, so his eye looks like he came out on the short end of a boxing match; his right front leg is bandaged from the catheter; his right side, near his hip has about 3 inches of stitches from the removal of the lipoma (fatty tumor) - the stitches are a shocking pink; his right hind paw is bandaged from the removal of the wart.

He's too groggy to send tail wags, but I'll send hugs to everybody instead.


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Pink stiches? How insulting ...... He's a guy dogger. He should have had blue stiches!!!! Pucci, you can come live with me. I've got lots of nasty squirrels to chase around the back yard and my humans are (almost) trained to my standards. Come on over buddy. Us guys will stick together and do guy stuff !!!

Arf, arf, snort, snort ...

-Sir Cody