Prayers for Pucci, Please?


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Again, thank you to the humans and to the furbabies.

I'm in deep doo-doo, getting the pathetic look, and being given the cold shoulder.

Sir Cody, Pucci said to tell you that, under normal circumstances, he would be the one with the hidden Ace. But he doesn't feel that sharp right now.


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Hope all goes well with the surgery & Pucci will be on the road to recovery soon. It is always so hard when our furbabies are sick.

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Mary Ann

So sorry to hear about Pucci. Glad to know that his surgery went well and he is home and being taken care of by his best friend.

Prayers that he keeps improving and no more lumps appear.


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Oh, poor little Pucci baby and poor Mommy! I've just read your reports and was quite worried at the first one. Then, your update sounded so much better, so I, as you, are very relieved.

Way to go Pucci on handling all of your surgeries yesterday, and may you have a quick recovery. :boogie:

And may Mommy relax now that the worst is over. (((HUGS)))


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Again, thank you to all.

Pucci had a very restless night despite my having given him pain medication just before bed. I got no sleep at all, and am exhausted.

Hopefully, Pucci will feel more comfortable today. Not too many humans are "under" for three hours. This is the second time he has had such long surgery.


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I'm just reading this Mary Ann! Poor little Pucci! He must be one very sore little gentleman indeed. Everyone at our house hopes he is feeling much better very soon....and since I know how nerve wracking this is I hope you feel better soon (and are able to get some sleep) too!

I remember our first little yorkie (Impy) coming home and looking like he had been hit with shrapnel too! I cried and he sat up all night with one of those collar things on...he wouldn't like down...and I sat up all night with him! I went the next morning to Target and bought him a preemie baby sleeper. I cut it down for him and placed him in it and he fell asleep for hours. He wore that sleeper quite happily until his stitches were almost ready to come out! I still smile when I think of that little dog strutting around in his "jammies" . :biggrin::clap::biggrin:


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Glad to see all went well with the surgery and I hope the recovery is more comfortable as time progresses....poor little guy. I send him stitches and the boys woofs.


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Poor baby and and exausted MaryAnn. I know I too have spent the nite awake with mine. Hopefully by now things are a little better. Lots of hugs.

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Ah Dear Paesana...been in a bubble at work...sigh..finally home, TO THIS!!..GRRRR..glad he is better, and may you BOTH get some over -earned need for rest..I'll be ringing you tomorrow.I am OFF..( Yea!)..Mark sends his love to you both too...XXOO Joanne


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Again, thank you. :thankyou:

Pucci still won't eat - hasn't had food since Monday. He's also been barfing this evening. I'm hoping it's the pain pill - it can cause the tummy upset. I also hope Pucci will sleep tonight...for his sake and so I can sleep.

Thursday is my errand day. I'm not so sure tomorrow.


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Mary Ann, I have been very busy the last few days and missed this post about Pucci. I am so sorry he had to have so much done but am glad he came thru the surgery alright. I know how scary it is to put an older animal under anethesia, he sure was out for a long time.

I hope he is resting more comfortably tonight and you get some rest too. Poor baby, give him some lovies from me and tail wags from Zsa Zsa. I hope he has an uneventful recovery. That sure seems like a lot to have done but I guess it's best they did it all at one time. I hate to see any of our furbabies sick or in pain. They are so precious and don't understand what's going on.


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Just read this today, Mary Ann...and I hope little Pucci had a better night, last night (and you too!)

I do know that those pain pills will make him sick, especially if he isn't eating. Did the Vet suggest any soft food? (like baby food?)

But the good thing about dogs, is that they seem to heal much quicker than we give him a bit more time, and he'll be wagging that tail again soon :boogie:


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Mary Ann, I apologize for being out of sight for so long. This is the first I've read of Pucci's recuperation. Of course, I am so relieved that the surgery itself went well. Yet, it does concern me that he's not eating, so please be assured of my thoughts and prayers. I'm among the lucky few on this board who has met Pucci (twice, actually!), so I feel a strong connection to the little guy who welcomed me both times with kisses!

Please be sure to take care of yourself, as well. I know this is difficult. I feel rather helpless, but please know that I am just a phone call away. HUGS!