Prayers needed for brother and SIL, please


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We got a double whammy today. My sister-in-law (Faye) is having to have a second cardiac ablation for atrial fibrillation in the morning, as the doctor decided it couldn't be delayed any longer. Then, this afternoon, my brother (Joe) found out he has to have back surgery on February 3rd. They're both very nervous, and need good thoughts and encouragement. They will certainly need that cruise in April!


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Good dr found SiL's problem now than have something happen on the cruise. Hope both procedures go well & that they will be able to enjoy that April cruise.


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Aww, Jacquie, I'm so sorry to hear this. Double whammy is right! Prayers that yoru SIL's procedure goes easily and uneventfully, and that your brother's surgery is successful and he does very well.


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So so sorry to hear this. Prayers definitely for both of them and prayers for you and your family also. Good thoughts, hugs and prayers on their way.


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Faye's second ablation seems to be working, so far. Joe's insurance company and Orthopedic doctor are trying to get the authorization worked out to reschedule the back surgery, as someone in the doc's office dropped the ball and didn't get proper authorization. His pain is getting lots worse, so I hope it happens very soon! I don't believe it should interfere with the April cruise, as I did the 15 day Hawaii cruise two months after I had my three level fusion. His will be a procedure to remove bone that's causing the impingement. Keeping fingers crossed1


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Thank you for the update, Jacquie. Needless to say, I pray both Joe and Faye will have improving health. Please keep us posted.