Prayers Needed Please


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So very sad for Gary. When Mike 1st started becoming really ill but before he was actually diagnosed with cancer, I started going to his dr appointments with him. After the cancer diagnosis, I even had our daughter go to some of the visits. Cancer doesn't just affect the patient, it affects the whole family. This disease should be tackeled as a family so I wish his wife would go with him to the dr. His next dr appoint she should just say,"honey I want to go with you".

When my mother was terminal with cancer that had spread to her pancreas she was in tremendous pain. I never really understood the thing about being so cautious as not to give too many meds too soon; try to keep it to a schedule. She was terminal. She was in pain. I sincerely hope that they can give Gary some relief from his pain.

Even though your friend's mobility may be affected by the surgery, it would be worth it to eliminate the pain. Watching someone suffering in pain is so difficult. I hope the surgery goes well & that it alleviates the pain.
Kathy, many many years ago we had a friend whose wife had terminal cancer. She was dying, and she was in pain. Horrible pain. BUT they would not give her anything because what they could give her that would be effective would be addicting. But.... she was dying!!! I believe her husband went to NYC and brought something illegal here in CA back with him that relieved her pain until she died 3 weeks later. This was 34 years ago, I wonder if things have changed on this.


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Prayers she rebounds quickly and IS home by Sunday. Hope you are doing ok with all this stress.

How is Gary doing?
Glo, they are slowly getting the pain to lesson for Gary. He is using a walker last I heard and it was easier for him to get around.

Tara had to recieve 2 pints of blood tonight. I texted her husband to see how she was doing and surprisingly she texted me back. Said she was eating a little bit too. She said they are hoping the transfusion will stabilize the blood pressure.


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Whimsy - I am sending good wishes to Gary and Tara. It is so sad that people must have pain in their lives. Especially Gary. Not fair to have to have so many cancers, and to have pain that is hard to take care of. I hope he does better with this soon. xoxo