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prayers requested


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This year started out fine, until today when I received some sudden bad news. An uncle of mine passed away unexpectedly.

He was young, but did have some health issues, that didn’t seem to be life threatening. Guess we and the doctors were wrong.

He seemed to have had a cardiac arrest that he did not survive sometime lastnight before bed.

He had friends who checked on him regularly as he was confined to a wheelchair and they decided to check on him this morning, early. Something they would have normally put off until later in the day, but this morning the lady neighbor said something didn’t feel right and they needed to check on him now. She was right….our lives changed forever in that instant. My uncle Tim is now with his parents and a brother that passed before him, hopefully all are together looking down on us all as we grieve. Hopefully, my husband and I will be traveling to Minnesota to be with family in time for the funeral.

We have to work a few things out at our jobs but it doesn’t sound like its going to be a problem. Our jobs are pretty flexible, but at this time of year, its pretty hard to get away for a few days because of the nature of our jobs. So, this could be a “working†trip for us. In our minds, this is what you do for family, no matter what. RIP Uncle Tim 1962 – 2012 ( he just turned 50 on New Year’s Day).

Prayers for his siblings (6 out of 8) would be appreciated......my dad is one of them and cannot travel to the funeral due to his own health issues. Thanks in advance.



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He was very young, I'm sorry to read he left you so early. Prayers for his extended family winging their way.


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So sorry for your loss. Prayers are on the way.
What part of MN are to going to.
I am in the Twin City area.
Safe travels to you & your family.


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So sorry for your loss. As for those that can't attend the funeral, this is what I told my mother's siblings who were elderly with health issues & lived far away:

first of all, she knew how much you all loved her

second, she loved you very much & there is no way she would ever want you to make a trip when it would be so hard for you

third, she would want you to remember her in happier days with a smile on her face.

I hope this helps. It seemed to help my mother's siblings when they couldn't come.


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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. We are able to make it....its in the northern part of MN, about an 1 1/2 hours east of Fargo, ND.....its a very small rural area called Sundal, MN. We'll fly into Minneapolis and drive 5 hours north where family is and where the funeral is. Its cheaper to do this than to fly into Fargo believe it or not.....always has been. The church is small, has its own cemetery which is rare for us living in a "big city"....the church was built in the 1800's as was the house my uncle lived in until just a few months ago, when his brother (another uncle of mine), built him a new house on the same property.......sad that he couldn't live in the new house longer. This part of Minnesota is not far from where the Mississippi River starts at Lake Itaska......which has had at some point river cruises that took you through to New Orleans (I think).......so this post is really cruise related right? I know my uncle would laugh at that......

If I can find a good photo of this little church, I'll post it.....


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Michelle, sorry I missed this early....my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...my deepest sympathy to you all.

H2O babe

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Michelle, I, too, am sorry I missed your original post. I am glad you were able to get to MN for the funeral. I live about 45 minutes from Itasca State Park and have been there many times throughout my lifetime. It is a beautiful area and I hope your uncle enjoyed the short time he had to live there. My condolences to your entire family on your loss.


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hugs and prayers Michelle..sometimes after all these years in the health field,there are no good answers at all..=. I feel bereft when I have no real option other than it just *IS*..hope that your family can take Joy in the memories you have..XXOO Joanne..