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I have been away from the forum and world for some time.
My brother was murdered in September at the age of 42. Weeks later my 51 old sister was brain dead. The only comfort I have is we donated her organs and she saved 6 lives. I have miss this place and all of you.


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My goodness you do have a lot to deal with! I hope you find comfort here. My prayers are with you as you deal with these tragedies.



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So sorry for your loss. Two losses like this so close together would send anyone into a downhill spiral. Now that you have taken the step to come back to us, you should continue to come back here & let us wrap our arms around you as you work yourself thru your grief.


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Oh Rhen - that is just horrible. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure it is hard going for you right now, so come as often as you need and we'll all be here for you.


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Rhen, how awful to lose a brother and sister so close together and so young. You know this is a caring place with many nice members. Don't be afraid to share your grief here.


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Rhen, so very sorry to hear the news you are sharing with us. Both so very tragic. We are here for you, come back and let us share your burden. (((Hugs)))


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Rhen, my heart breaks for you...

As the others have said, we are here for you, always..

Lots of hugs and prayers for you, dear one.

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Rhen, I'm so sorry that you have had to endure so much loss, and in such a tragic way. Sending hugs to you, and may healing comfort surround you.