Prepare for long lines at the airport in FLL


'Vegas Jim

On another message board an observer cautioned that there are very long lines and waits in Fort Lauderdale to get checked in for the flight home. Here's part of it: "Later, I was talking to some of the cruise line greeters for the various lines, getting their impressions of the security procedures. They also verified that the lines were pretty bad when the cruise passengers arrived. One told me that, in the Delta terminal, there were bags stacked up everywhere, waiting to go thru scanning. She guessed that the passengers may have made their flights but that a lot of bags didn't."

While things will hopefully get better as the TSA folks get used to the new machines and procedures, just be prepared for the time being to spend some time in line waiting to get checked in. Another opinion was that Carnival's suggestion to not schedule a flight out before 1:00 was apparently legitimate.


Cruise Lines have been urging people NOT to book flights earlier than 1:00pm for quite some time now, but many don't listen unfortunately. :(