PRIDE OF AMERICA and hotel suggestions please help !!!

Hello all,
My husband and I are headed on to the Pride in May and dont know a thing about what we are getting into. Also what hotel would you suggest close to the ship or close to Pearl Harbor.. Please can anyone help us? This is our 25th anniversay and i want it so special.
Hi we are staying at the Waikiki Beach Marriott in September --1 night pre and 3 nights post cruise---Our travel agent had suggested this resort and she said that there have been positive compliments about it --
It is across from the beach ... Hopefully it is a great place -- it is paid for and we are looking forward to the trip-- Our 25th anniversary also -- 1st time to HAWAII


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Lots of people like the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It's not super close to either, but is a great anniversary hotel.
We did POA in 2009 and loved it. I highly recommend the Old Lahaina Luau on your first day in Maui. You'll have to book it yourself through their website and rent a car, but it was a fabulous time. We truly loved our trip. If you like sushi do the sushi bar on board. Enrique is awesome!
Happy anniversary!!!


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Because the thread is a couple of months old, I would imagine the Op may have already sailed, but if not, I second the Hilton Hawaiin Village. It is one of the few hotels that is actually on the beach. Most visiters do not realize how few hotels are on the same side of the street as the beach. The hotel is in exellent condition, has some of the nicest views, great dining and large rooms.



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Congrates to you both on your 25th----- Happy cruising & welcome to our community.
Check back and let us know about your adventure