Pride of America/Pride of Aloha Update



I did speak to NLC rep at work yesterday who told me the Pride of America should be up and running by July of 2005. I told him I had been reading not so good reviews of the Pride of ALoha. He just got back from Pride of Aloha and had to pitch in working to cover the problems the ship was/is having regarding the crew. Short handed because all the paperwork was not in order for some crew members and they were pulled off the ship until paperwork was in order. Assured me that things would get better but I'm not booking this cruise until 2006 so hopefuly by then problems will get worked out, food will get better, etc. also the Pride of America will have lots more balcony cabins available because it will be new and not refurnbished. Also there will probably be a third ship by summer of 2006. He reminded me that no where else will a cruise passenger find so many land hours in Hawaii. 96 more hours than any other ship. I think you have to look at the product as a way to see Hawaii in a few days and not concentrate on the food aspect so much as the Hawaiian land experience you will be getting. Hopefully I'll see for myself in 2006. It's a lot pricier cruise than other lines because it is consistently sold out way before sail dates.


We are on the POA on 9/5/04 and are going to have a terrific time. I refuse to read any more reviews.


I was on the Pride of Aloha on July 4th and I had a terrific time. Go with the right attitude and you will enjoy the beauty of Hawaii. Can't wait to go back.


I'm sailing on POA on August 8 and this is the most expensive cruise I will have ever sailed on. I can't get over the fact that I'm not going to get the service I'm use to on a cruise ship. I should be getting a rebate for this experience to use on the islands to buy food.


Once the initial novelty and excitement wears off, and they've got 3 ships in the market, I bet prices will come down. Of course, there are the higher wages for the American crew. I'd hate to be an accountant at NCL these days.


delwhitt, you haven't sailed yet. When you do and if it turns out to be as bad as you seem to think it will be then you can vent to all of us. We will still be here to listen. TG is right about prices dropping after the novelty wears off, but I doubt they will drop much. The Old American flagged ships that did Hawaii were out of site, old ships, food that I was told by my customers was really bad and practically no entertainment, yet people booked them over and over just to do the islands. Time will tell I guess.



We are booked on the POA for October 10th and the reviews have driven us crazy, but we have decided that we are going to look at this as a great way to see all of the islands and not spend a fortune on hotels and transportation and meals. We are going to concentrate on the positive.

Please tell me if any muumuus were worn on the ship and if they were prevelent at all.

Really looking forward to this once in a lifetime trip. We are spending a week on Oahu prior to the cruise and we are really getting excited about the trip. Can you tell us anything more about the cruise?



I am so glad you have a positive attitude. "This once in a lifetime trip" was my attitude also and that's why it was exactly that.

I did not see any mumuus on the ship at all but tons on Oahu especially during the luau.

As far as the cruise is concerned, I suggest you make as much of your excursions as you can. You still have plenty of time to book them on your own and save some $. I went through google and just typed the same words that were used in the NCL brochures for excursions. The exact companies that NCL uses came up and I emailed them directly and booked several without NCL getting their hands in my pocket. The excursions made my cruise and my entire 11 days in the Hawaiian islands. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, and I am determined that this won't just be a "once" in a lifetime experience for me. I want to do it again as soon as possible.

If you have any specific questions about my excursions - ziplining, downhill bicycling, walking on lava, kayaking, snorkeling, submarine, etc., let me know.

arlene frances

When you booked your tours through the tour company on your own did they pick you up right at ship to go on tours with the people that booked through NCL? How much of a savings?


Can soneone please give poor Dalwhitt a break? I encourage the naysayers to read all the negative reviews that have turned up on this site just in the past few days. They are located in the "reviews" section. Dalwhitt is not alone. Please don't judge a POA reviewer unless you have spent the 3k+ and walked in their shoes on the same ship. Then perhaps a proper debate would be fair.

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We just got back from Alaska on the NCL Star which by the way was great!!!!!! We booked on the ship for the Pride of America next year Aug 27th to Hawaii,got a balcony stateroom and flight thru them. She starts her first cruise in July of 2005 so you do not have to wait until 2006