Pride's Disco



Hello I am getting married on the Pride September7, 2002. I just spoke with my wedding coordinator and she said our reception was going to be in the Disco room, does anyone know what the formal name of it is so that I can look up pictures. Or is someone could tell me where pictures are I would really appreciate it.

Thank You,


It is the disco called Beauties. It has the "statues in primary colors of the female body" with black walls and colorful dance floor. It is a two story dance club on deck 3 and 2. I believe you walk down to it. Not the best "wedding reception" place, but I am sure you will have fun. The chapel is gorgeous. Take your photo's in there or at Sunset Garden. There should be some pictures posted from last January, so do a search. Its very dark, so scanning won't help much from my end.
Congratulations and best of Luck.


Personally- I would not choose the disco- it is small and has tiny winding staircase that only one person can use at a time. See if they can switch you to the Starry Nights Lounge or the Butterfly lounge. The disco is really not for wedding receptions! The rest of the ship is gorgeous!!