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Princess Cays--Mad Dash to reserve stuff?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by navymom, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. navymom

    navymom Guest

    I was reading through some other posts, and it seems like it's difficult to reserve things like the bungalows (?) on the beach.

    Is that true? Do they run out of good spots? I really have to have shade since my skin is very fair and I've had some precancerous spots.


  2. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    You can reserve a Bungalow and beach "toys" online as soon as the shore excursions become available. The problem with getting the Bungalow is that you must be quick off the mark as they are limited by their number! I think when we visited there were 12!!! We got the Sugar Apple Bungalow....I was "In the Pink" and loved it!!!

  3. navymom

    navymom Guest

    Thanks Beryl :) love the picture

    Guess I might have a problem, since we're looking at a cruise in November or December and the chance to sign up has been up for awhile.

    Oh well!!
  4. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Get thyself on the waitlist! It was not available when we booked either but we did clear a waitlist!!....Also if you don't clear the waitlist check with the Activities Desk once onboard....I know of at least 2 bungalows that were cancelled by passengers after they boarded the ship!!!
  5. navymom

    navymom Guest

    Thanks again, Beryl.

    We're considering the Dec. 13 sailing on the Ruby. We'll see what happens :)
  6. Web

    Web Guest

    Cool Picture! How much are the bungalows?
  7. jtutak

    jtutak Guest

    Something that has not been mentioned is that on Princess Cays you will not have a problem finding shade. Plenty of shady spots to sit in.
  8. navymom

    navymom Guest

    That's wonderful to hear :)
  9. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Web, the charge when we were there was $199 for up to 6 people! If you're sharing with a couple of other couples it's not too bad!
  10. navymom

    navymom Guest

    [large]Got one =docdance=docdance

    Just booked on the Crown for 10/26 and there were 2 bungalows left. Grabbed one and then the other was snapped up so now there's a waitlist.

    Thanks so much for the advice, Beryl.[/large]
  11. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Woo Hoo navymom....I am so pleased for you!!! X(X(X(
  12. juggles

    juggles Guest

    why would you want a bungalow....how long do you stop for at Princess Cays?
  13. navymom

    navymom Guest

    Just there for a day.

    The reason I wanted it: it will be a place where I can really get out of the sun. I love to spend the whole day on the beach, going in and out of the water, but I have very fair skin and have had a few precancerous lesions. So this way I can give my skin a break in between swimming.
  14. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I wanted the bungalow for the same reason as navymom!! It was so nice to be able to get out of the sun and heat for short times during the day and it was lovely to have pitchers filled with iced tea and ice water available all the time. I loved that the staff brought our lunch as well. It meant I didn't have to face the throng lined up for their barbecue lunch and I missed all the smoke that goes with that as well (of course there are people that don't mind the crowd or the smoke :) ) Let's just say I found it so much more relaxing than my other stops at Princess Cay that I would book a bungalow again in a heart beat. I think they are ideal for older folks, for folks with mobility issues, for families with small children and for small groups who want just a little bit of extra luxury.

    There was one huge bonus of the bungalow on our last trip to Princess Cay....Shortly after we arrived the clouds opened and there was a deluge! We were dry, and more importantly so was our "stuff", and comfortable in our little bungalow. Fortunately the rain was short lived and we were soon enjoying sunshine on the beach once more!
  15. rlmajor

    rlmajor Guest

    Unless you have a larger group, I'd suggest saving your money and booking a shell (don't recall exact name). You'll get all the coverage you need, are closer to the water, and will have a choice of which side of the beach to use. I think it was $25 on the princess site and you can book ahead.
  16. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I think they call them "clamshells" or something like that. We had one booked one year but did not get to use it because the ship cancelled the call at Princess Cay. I have been told by others that have had them that they are HOT....not much air circulation! I also noted that they all seemed very crowded together on our last stop at Princess Cay....still, they are another option...no wait staff service for lunch though, no shower or air conditioning either!
  17. navymom

    navymom Guest

    I'm sticking with my bungalow =COOL

    Yes, it's a huge splurge, but that's why I drag myself into work the rest of the year!!!
  18. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    I've used the clam shells in the past on Half Moon Key and they can be a little hot if the wind isn't blowing. I am VERY fair skinned (red head and freckles). I actually cancelled my clam shell this past visit as I saw pictures of Princess Cays. There is plenty of shady areas. However, if I had someone to share the cost of a bungalow I'd go that route in a heartbeat. Glad you were able to get one navymom.
  19. Hi there :daisy Just wondering are you allowed to move the clam shells around a bit . ie the direction of the wind. My DH and I are taking our first cruise on the Ruby, Dec 13, we are very excited. These posts have been a great help to a green cruiser thanks Shannon
  20. Conniemc

    Conniemc Guest

    Check this board the week before you sail. I'll be on her 12/6 and will be posting any information I think might be helpful. Although I know for sure, I won't be getting off at the Cays.

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