Princess Cays--Mad Dash to reserve stuff?



Conniemc Do you know if you are able to pick up the Internet in your state room? we are staying in a mini-suite and am wondering if it would be worth while bringing our lap top so that we can stay in touch with our kids at home.I am recovering from back surgery so have limited mobility. I have called Princess a couple of times regarding this and each time I get a different answer. This will be our first ever cruise .Ya ! we are very happy about going. The posts I have been reading have been a great help thanks to everyone.. Shannon from Canada eh !:girly


Hi lines are infamous for giving out "multiple choice" answers..
Which, I suppose is why these boards exist. Well, you asked a subjective question. The direct answer is YES, you can use your laptop, if you choose to "lug it" along. Some people bring it for reasons I don't quite understand. In your case, please know a wheelchair will ALWAYS be left outside your cabin, should you choose to use one. Just let your steward know. The price per minute is the same, so I never bother to bring my own (If I lost/damaged it, I'd go crazy), I use the internet cafe on board the ship. If you plan to use the internet more than an hour or so, you can (or your TA should) buy you a discount minute package - the more minutes, the cheaper the per minute charge. I usually buy the 120-140 package (already did). I check e-mails at least once a day and FYI - there's no "high speed" on a cruise ship....the connection can be quite flakey. Unbearably slow, or sometimes goes down in the middle of an e-mail (arrghggh). Your connecting through the satellite on top of the a lot of things can affect that, including passenger use. Best times to get on are when everyone else is asleep, early AM or late PM.

You can buy these packages yourself, if you'd like along with anything else you want at

I saved some "on board" time by purchasing some things I know I'll want ahead of time on the Princess website.