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Hello Everybody,
We have cruised with Princess many times. My wife had a stroke on the Grand Princess last Feb. 2010. Now we are loooking for the pros to tell us about handicap Cabins. Do they have handicap bathrooms? What different grades of cabins do they have for the princess cruise line. On newer shjps are the cabins better equippied. Please let us know.


We traavel in HC cabins on Princess-they do have roll in shower, Handicap[ stools with bars available-doors are wide enough for wheel chairs or scooters. They have a strip wich goes over doorways on balconies. We have traveled mostly in balcony cabins . The mini suites are huge think if you will check pictures of Emerald group cruise in Feb. 2008 you will see some pictures of a party in our cabin for the group. As a rule Princess HC cabins are just twice as big as regular cabins. On some of the older ships there can be some handicaps getting from an open deck to inside. Have found staff is always helpful. We have also had an Ocean view Handicapped cabin and it met our need very well. Our next Princess cruise is on the Grand next Feb. Any other querstions just email me or I m me.
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I have had the handicap cabin a couple of times on Princess. While I do not use a chair or scooter, I find that with my cane and leg braces, the extra room and sit down shower are great to have. There is a ramp to help get in and out of the bathroom and one for the balcony. The only downside, for me at least was its proximity to the elevator. Susie and I are not night owls so there were a few nights where being a light sleeper that close to the elevator was a bit noisey.

Here are a few of my pics.
The room while it is still clean

The bathroom, looking like a chinese laundry.