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Wife and I are planning a 10-day Caribbean cruise in January on Princess. This will be our first Princess Cruise, having traveled previously solely on Celebrity. Celebrity has a rather liberal policy concerning bringing reasonable amounts of wine/beer on board at embarkation. Does the same hold true for Princess Lines? Can wine be consumed at dinner with payment of a 'corkage' fee? Thanks for any response.


Princess has recently tightened up on this. The official rules are one bottle of wine or champagne per adult, no hard liquor. However, they are known not to enforce that--quantity or type very well. I'm not sure about beer, although I have seen people toting half cases and they weren't stopped. I'd consider it if you drink beer, as the onboard selections are really limited. Usually there's an import from wherever the ship has been recently and cheap American beer. If you want microbrews, bring them yourself ;)

There is a wine corking fee of $15 in the restaurants. It is unevenly enforced.

Have a great cruise!


It's been awhile since we've been on a Princess ship. In the past it has always been easy, and although they have a corkage fee schedule, the waiter has never charged us. We are curious to see what is happening with this "new" policy of tightening up. I'm kind of tounge in cheek about it all, because we've had many other times they were supposed to be "tightening up" and nothing really happened with it.


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Wine, and Champagne ARE allowed on board; according to ..just roll then up the gangway if you want as we do, so as not to risk breakage in luggage...(.I used to get them on the plane too..:(..with the new policies I shall have to weigh the ability to "fly it in"..or buy it in FLL..)..=shrug... not sure "the amounts".. but I've bought 2 bottles of each the wine, and the champagne.. , and never had a problem yet..we drink them at sailaway, and on our balcony, getting ready for dinner over the 2 weeks we no need for corkage fees for us.I make sure to PACK the cork remover, and my plastic "Mingo" wine glasses IN luggage..:grin.. .Have fun and enjoy!!..:)..Joanne


we just got our pre-cruise docs from Princess, and they say basically that cruisers are free to bring wine and champagne, just no hard liquor. It didn't say anything about a limit.


We also just got our docs and like Glo said, wine and champagne were listed as ok, and the corkage fee is listed as $10. Here's exactly what the Passage Contract says:
"Carrier kindly requests that You do not ring alcoholic beverages of any kind (except wine and champagne) on board for consumption."

Then further down it says:
"A corkage fee of $10.00 per bottle will be applied to wine and champagne consumed in the ship's restaurant."




I called Princess yesterday, and spoke to two different people. The 2nd person actually put me on hold and checked things out with the "higher ups" at my request.

She said that the corkage fee IS $15, and that Princess needs to change their contract that goes out in the docs. She also said there is NO LIMIT to how much wine and champagne you can bring on board.

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We just finished our first cruise to Alaska on the Island Princess - it was wonderful. We purchased a $22 bottle of wine at the dining table and we had a half glass each (they were big glasses). Our waiter kept the bottle and we had wine for 3 nights, and bought another one on the 4th night which also lasted. There was no corkage charge. We could have taken any reasonable amount of alcohol on board without question.
The waiters were great and very helpful. They also served up some 'limoncello' made in the galley a potent liqueuer!!!!!
We enjoyed our cruise so much we have signed for a future cruise which can take within 4 years with special benefits. We are really addicted!!
We are with friends in Alaska now, but will need to lose weight when we get home......
Hoping this helps,
John & Ann


Hello All,

We just got our doc for our cruise on the Sea Princess in November and in the docs it stipulate that you are able to bring one bottle of champagne and wine for each passanger.

As for the coorkage fee it says thats a 15.00 charge will be charged.

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Does anyone know where I can purchase wine/champange near San Juan Pier. Were on the Crown 4/14-21. Going So. Carribean. Thanks for your input in advance.