Princess FYI.."Ghost Bookings".....



Hi Cruise Cutie,

We had a great cruise aboard the Star Princess ( Feb 27-March 6,05).

We took your advice and signed up for a ghost booking.

Just booked the Coral Princess - Panama Canal- March 4-14th 06.

We locked up B503 and left you A503 in case you want to join us.



Hi DJA, I'm rather new to these message boards. On Feb. 22, you wrote about making a downpayment on a cruise, and then riding down the price until final payment. We've already paid our final payment on our Alaska cruise in May, but please , for future use, how do you "ride down the price"?

We'll certainly do a "ghost booking" on this May cruise.

I'm learning so much from these threads (yes, I now know what that means), and everyone is so helpful.



Basically just means checking to see if the price has dropped since you booked it, then calling Princess or your travel agent and telling them to give you the new rate before you make the final payment ...and doing it multiple times between when you book it and when you pay it. The means by which you check the price varies depending on how you booked it. I always book directly with Princess, so it's often been a case of either seeing it in something Princess has sent in the mail, or in something they've e-mailed. On a couple of occasions I've called to make a cabin change or something else, and the reservation agent will catch the rate change. I also always ask when I call to make the final payment. With a travel agent, they are supposed to be doing that for you, but I don't think too many do. If you booked on-line, just keep checking on-line. In theory, you can continue to try even after you've made final payment -- but you're on much shakier ground then, and they usually don't cooperate. Before you've made final payment, you can still cancel and get your deposit back, so they're much more cooperative.


Last June on the Star Princess ( Venice to Barcelona), we did a future cruise booking, same ship, same cabin, different itinerary. We made the $200 downpayment, and received $200 in shipboard credit. Our wonderful future cruise counselor, Krystina, also sent certificates for 2 bottles of wine to our cabin, which, of course, we used quickly. She also told us to call Princess once a month from September to check to see if the prices had dropped ( we booked at Early Booking rates), and if any other perks were available to past passengers. Well, we're now $600 each below booking rate on our B deck balcony, and they've thrown in 2 coupons for free photos. I'm still calling, even though we're paid in full.....maybe more wine???

Also, we're headed to the Baltic, roundtrip Copenhagen, on June 4. Anyone with suggestions on shore excursions, or don't miss stuff???? Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Pete, Gdansk, and Tallin. We're also spending 3 days in Copenhagen on the front end.



Thank you DJA and Houstonandy. We booked through a TA and I didn't know about changing prices. Will probably just signup with Princess direct next time, and call them monthly like Houstonandy was advised to do.

We're doing an Alaska cruisetour with an early booking, so we may not have been able to ever get a better price, since these cruises are very popular. On this cruise we plan to look into Princess Grand out of Galveston next December, and we'll see what perks we might get.

Thanks to everyone who posts messages. They are all great.



thank you sooooooooo much Joanne, I was wondering what a ghost booking was, and now i do and I will for sure.


Thanks Joanne not only for the helpful information in this topic but others as well. My husband was unsure as to whether or not he wanted to do a ghost booking, but after reading what you wrote, he definitely wants to do a ghost booking during our upcoming cruise (9 days and counting). My best friend and her new husband will be joining us for the Caribbean 2007 cruise so we will make sure we ask for the "Share the Wealth" coupons.

Happy cruising.


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I don't know if this is appropriate so I apologize if it isn't. Please delete if it isn't.

We are wanting to book a cruise on the Carribean Princess for October of 2006. Does anyone have any extra of these coupons for friends and family for a Western cruise on October 7? I sure would love to book with a bonus! We would need 2 for DH and I.

Thank you.

Cruise cutie

:wave, Not sure if what you want to know applies or here's my explanation Whimsy..If you sailed on a Princess cruise and GOT a ghost booking ; AND got share the wealth coupons ..then you can get these coupons applied to friends and family sailing WITH YOU.....BUT IF YOU did not sail on Princess, get a GHOST BOOKING, and THEN have friends aand family book the same cruise as you TOO..then you have no in they cannot be transferred ; gifted ; or exchanged..=shrug... I cannot gift my coupons to anyone..they apply to only the purchaser; as they are attached to your Princess Captains' circle number, sailing status be it Gold, Platinum, or Elite.... .sorry if I misunderstood..hope that helps...:)>.Joanne