Princess: How can you be so tacky?



viet630 Wrote:
> Olga
> As I stated earlier I have been cruising longer
> than I care to admit and have been through them
> all.In my opinion Carnival has ruined the cruise
> industry.I have seen them take over petrfectly
> good lines and ruin them service wise or put them
> out of bussiness altogether.You say your cruise
> was fine and I am glad for that, but we will see
> about the service. Keep us informed.I agree that
> Celebrity is fine, it is all we sail now, the
> service before ,during and after the cruise has
> been excellent.My point is that there are to many
> people that are willing to acept Carnival's way of
> doing thing's and that it will probably never
> change.Unless we have another 9-11 type disaster
> to get the cruise industry back in focus it will
> continue.They have more bussiness than they can
> handle right now.JMHO.
> Viet

I been cruising for a number of years too and these customer service problems stretch across the lines. Most recently, you could not find a passenger on the 4/23/05 Grandeur of the Seas that felt that RCI treated them fairly. Quite frankly, they felt ripped off by getting a 4 1/2 day cruise for the price of a 7. They old saying was not true for them: They did not get what they paid for and was stuck with all the extra expenses in New Orleans during the Jazz Festival.



Yes, customer service problems do extend across the board. I have not had any with Celebrity however.The point I am making is that when you have a monopoly such as we have with Carnival they have no incentive to do better. Some of the lines they have taken over have gone from excellent to poor in a very short time.I have seen over the years that if enough people voice thier opinion's when they have gotten a bad deal the cruise lines will come around after a fasion. Example a year or so ago when the Diamond princess hit something and only had one prop. Everyone missed thier conections and it was a mess. Enough people complained on these boards that Princess reversed thier decision to do nothing and came across with some help.


Yes ,they do monitor this and other boards. Keep up the pressure and you might get some help. I do think though that all of the lines have so much bussiness right now that it might be difficult.Keep after them and tell them that there other lines out there that are not owned by Carnival. Viet


Cruise LONG enough and no doubt U will have at least one nightmare of an experience. viet360 .. I love Celebrity also but let me tell U they are NO better than the rest as U have just been lucky so far. =shrug I hope your luck continues but given enough time and enough cruises I would bet someday your time will come. Hopefully everyone on this cruise will get just satisfaction at the end. :thumb



I have been reading all of these posts with great interest. One thought cross my mind because I did not see it mentioned. Did anyone have to pay extra for spending an extra day on the ship?


Well, all gratuities were added to our onboard account for the last day, too. And actually, we "lost" a day of cruising because we were unable to go outdoors for 24 hours, almost no entertainment was available and I overheard that some casino games were closed due to the rocking. The Captain gave instructions "to stay in our rooms, preferably in bed, for safety." So we made up for the lost day, it really wasn't an extra day.

deep blue

Cruizer Wrote:
> I have been reading all of these posts with great
> interest. One thought cross my mind because I did
> not see it mentioned. Did anyone have to pay
> extra for spending an extra day on the ship?

Pay extra for a FORCED day at sea? Very interesting.


Deep Blue -

It was a question, not a suggestion. Besides, given some of the horror stories I have read, I would not be that surprised if some company (any company - I am not trying to single any one cruise line out) tried this.