Princess new smoking policy

I am thinking about booking for this fall but the smoking policy isn't in effect until 2012. I understand that there's a smoking area around the pool on some ships and even in the staterooms. Is this true? . Can some kind soul tell me how bad it is? My wife has bad asthma around any smoke so this will determine whether we go Princess or not.


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Currently, smoking is permitted inside all cabins, on balconies, in the casino (except for designated non-smoking evenings), on the portside of the Promenade deck at a couple of specified locations, and in one corner of the Lido deck in the pool area. Also aft on one side of the Lido deck near the outdoor bar.
No smoking is allowed right at poolside.
There is no smoking in any food service areas, dining rooms, theater, show rooms, bars and general public areas. None is allowed in the hallways where the passengers cabins are located nor in elevators.

Now days, there don't seem to be many smokers around on Princess ships. Most are considerate, and do not smoke in their cabins.
And Princess crew has very effective cleaning and deodorizing methods that eradicate any leftover smoke smell inside cabins where there has been a smoker.

In 12 Princess cruises, I have never been in a cabin that even smelled vaguely of residual smoke.

Some would like to imply that Princess ships are essentially floating ashtrays, surrounded by a cloud of cigarette smoke, but that is simply NOT true.