Princess Platinum Disembarkation??


Sandy R

Does Princess allow Platinum passengers to disembark before others? We are concerned about the long disembarkation we've read about in the threads. We have to get to LAX by 11:30 am, the day we end the cruise.

Frank -The original one

Even without Platinum status the cruise line will will work to get you to the airport on time. You will be better off if you take a cab though.

Anonymous User

We booked our own air for this past cruise and are NOT Plantinum either and they did nothing to assist us off the ship earlier. As soon as the doors opened we ran off the ship, found our luggage and got our own taxi. The taxi stand is right after the first set of buses. Good luck


I would be sure to inform the purser's desk of what time your flights are at and show them your tickets or the internary they give you at the airline, if need be. Then be sure that they give you the color of luggage tags that are let off the ship first, which you will be able to check because the day before you disembark (I believe) you will be given a paper showing the order in which they disembark the varies colors of luggage tags.


All above are correct. The Pursers desk will help you be the first off. It doesn't have anything to do with being a Captain's Circle member. At Platinum status, you just get to wait in the Vista Lounge with donuts and coffee before you disembark. (The rest of the passengers have to fend for themselves in public areas.)