Princess VS. Carnival?


Miss Honey

Hello we just returned from the Carribean Princess. I have sailed with Carnival 5 times in the past. This was my first Princess cruise. I was afraid it would be dead, at night. I would say 20% of the ship were twenty - somethings having a great time. I will say I seen fewer children on this cruise, some families but not lots. The nightlife on this ship was great. Most younger adults hung out at Skywalkers Club. There were lots of comedians and lots of different music. Dining is Personal Choice so you can pick when and where you want to dine. I have always had a good experience with Carnival, but I will probaly cruise with Princess in the future. Miss Honey


I've been on the Golden Princess twice and on Carnival six times (Legend, Spirit, Triumph, Victory). For late night party venues, I choose Carnival. Their nightclub disco is high energy with the latest dance hits. Skywalkers in the Princess played from the 60s to the 00s, but definitely not high energy CURRENT music. Carnival also has great late-night adult comedy shows. I've enjoyed all of them. Princess doesn't have any late-night entertainment. Carnival Legend did have the best dining room dinners and their "round-the-world" style of lunch buffets are interesting.

I do love Princess for many reasons, but Carnival has its features, too.


I prefer Princess myself but there have been some Gr8 observations here like Olga's. glamdoll it sounds to me like Princess will be right up your alley so to speak. :thumb



Wow, there are a lot of post on this issue.

First of all Glamdoll, unless you are here illegally, you will be departing. You only deport if you are here illegally. :lol Sorry, but I could not resist.

The Conquest and Grand Princess are very close in size. As to the difference between the two lines, Carnival tends to have younger more active passengers. Given what you have said, I would go with Carnival and later give Princess a try. I have not sailed Princess, but I know people who do. The main difference seems to be in the age and energy of the passengers. :bounce

As for the Carnival bashers, my experience on Carnival (and Royal Caribbean) has been very positive, and I intend to cruise on both in the future. Currently I am booked on the Norwegian Star this October, then the Carnival Glory in April 2006. In the summer of 2007 I hope to be in the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas (or its sister ship - if it is ready). :glow

One more suggestion, don't spend a lot of time trying to make up your mind, then the rest of the time until the cruise worring :worried if you made the right decission. Make a decission, then start looking forward to all the ways you are going to have fun. If you go with a positve attitude, you will have fun. =cheerleader If you go with a negative attitude, it may ruin your trip. Don't take the chance!